Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Labor Day Weekend

Hey everybody...welcome to my first blog!! well this weekend was great!! I went SHOPPING!!! I hadn't done so in a long time, with having to pay bills and stuff I was worried we wouldn't have enough money, even though every week we have enough money left over for almost anything I still worry because I dont want to struggle like we did when we first got here...I guess it left me traumatized but I actually let go and said F*** It!! My sister came to visit me this weekend and I felt bad that I couldnt treat them for a good time like go shopping and take them to dinner and stuff..but I was glad to finally meet my niece she is alot more beautiful in person..I cant wait to see her again hopefully the next time i see her, I'll be in Brownsville well I guess this is all for now!! TTYL!!!

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