Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bargaing Alert: Diamond cosmetics 12 Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey ladies so Im here with a bargain alert!!! I thought I so needed to share this info with my readers because who doesnt love a bragain??
I know I do!!!

as you may know from the tittle the product being featured is...Diamond cosmetics 12 eyeshadow palette

So first of we have this palette in "Desert Sunrise"
this palette features shades from a light lavender to a dark shimmery purple and almost everything in between

click here for a look I did using this palette

look at how beautiful the shades are
[click pics for a better view]

Next we have "Earth tunes"
click here for a look I did using this palette

these are are very pretty neutral shades..

look at these..super gorgeous

ok so now on to the mini review

Where to purchase: I got mine at big lots
Price: $2 [as u can tell]

I love the price..only 2 bucks for 12 shades
super pigmented
easy to blend
combination of matte and shimmer
shades compliment each other

some shades look very similar
once you take the palettes out of the box..the name is not on the palette,
so I cut out the name from the box and taped it to the back of the palette

oh and I thought I would also show you a super pretty pink lipstick from Wetnwild

this shade would definitely be considered a barbie-pink shade

these are super cheap at only 93¢
they are moisturizing
glide on super smooth
found anywhere wetnwild is sold

no name only number "525D", I wish they had names

a swatch

plus a lip swatch...dont mind my mini 'stache!!lol!!

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Thanksgiving FOTD: Neutral Khakis

So for Thansgiving I wanted to go for a neutral I decided to use my Revlon quad in "Neutral Khakis"

sorry about my messy eyebrows...Ive felt super lazzy to do anything about them lately

>>So what did I use??

Johnsons soft lotion
NYX concealer in a jar "Medium"
Revlon Colorstay mineral foundation "Light medium"
Mac blush "Mocha"

two lips shades from the  E.l.f beauty encyclopedia [lip edition]
Mac l/g "Viva glam V"

L'oreal De-crease
E.l.f. Duo Eye Shadow Cream  "Olive"
Revlon quad "Neutral Khakis"
L'oreal liniuer intense
Styli-style "carbon black"
Avon Daring curves mascara

I had a great time with my hubby and in-laws and I hope you ladies had a great time too!! till next time

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review: L'oreal Colour Juice [sheer juicy lipgloss]

Hey ladies I know I haven't done a review in a good while..sorry!!
but here I am with a review of a lipgloss that has def become one of my faves:D

I own two of here for swatches

Price: $7-$8
Where you can purchase: Drugstores, some grocery stores, walmart, Target

Lasts long
smells great/fruity scent
goes on very smooth
great selection of shades
since its drugstore sometimes you can get buy one get one free

can be sticky
applicator tip may vary, some are round, some are slanted
some are sheer..others quite pigmented
price is a bit pricey for a gloss tube

I didnt know whether to place this as a con or pro....No shimmer or sparkle!!

so here is a demo of how pigmented these babies are:

these are my naked lips!!lol!!

and here they are with two swipes of the lipgloss...
So ladies I hope you liked my review and I hope it helps!!

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Happy Turkey Day!!!

I hope everybody has an awesome Thansgiving with your loved ones.this is my second year cooking the turkey wish me luck !! .Take care ladies!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Voting poll!!!

I created a poll on my blog --------->
so I can get some much needed feedback to see what I should do more of on my blog..Please help me improve my blog??
If you'd like you can also leave comments under this post :D
Thanx in advance :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My New Hard Candy blushes & E.l.f swatches

Hey ladies so Im back home...and very tired from our trip because we got here at 4:30 am and then I worked from 9-5:15pm....even though I was tired as heck Im glad I got to spend some time with my family...It was my little sisters B-day yesterday so I had her with me the whole time..I took her out to eat to our fave restaurant in my hometown and then bought her a little outfit...she's my little mini-me [well everybody says so]

she was really into my makeup bag!! notice the same pink lips??

and she loves taking pix like me :D

So like I said I took my little sister to walmart to get her a little outfit...and obviously I stopped by the cosmetics and they had hard candy I go these blushes for $7

I got 'living doll' &  'Honeymoon'

Livng doll is a very hot pink color

and honeymoon is a peachy color

pigmentation is awesome and it surprises me they dont look shimmery on the cheeks they just give this awesome glow.

and here are the swatches I owe you ladies..these up here are the duos swatched over loreal decrease, in the same order as the post below [sorry about my super dry hands]

and here are the swatches of The beauty encyclopedia----Eye Edition, also swatched over loreal decrease..

hope I helped in some ways and that's all
I have to go to bed now!! :(

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

E.l.f Target Haul!!

So I went to target to buy the e.l.f Beauty Encyclopedi eye edition and I ended up hauling...I didnt think there would be so many awesome things..I felt like I had to get them all but I limited myself to 4 things.

if u see closely I left the prices [on the top right hand corner]

I got the eyeshadow duo kit...4 shades & a sponge tip applicator

smokey eyeshadow kit..8 shades & a brush/pencil duo thingy...
this eyeshadpw brush/pencil thingy is kinda ridiculous cuz if u sharpen it the brush handle will get no sharpening for me!!

The beauty encyclopedia----Eye Edition

with directions

The Beauty Encyclopedia---Lip Edition

with directions

FYI no ugly scent on these

these are all the shadow shades...super easy to blend.

Swatches coming soon :D

all this for less than $20
Well that's all let me know what you think!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Smokey Fotd inspired by Kim k/MacNC40

So I'm here with another inspired smokey look, this time I was inspired by Kim k/MacNC40..I saw the pic of Kim K and loved it so much so I went to YT and searched  "kim kardashian smokey look" and macnc40's video was the first on to pop up...she made it seem so easy so I had to try it, I used different products and skipped a few steps but I really liked how it came it, so here it is my Kim K/MACNC40's inspired look

[photo from google]

so on to what I used
Johnson's softlotion
maybelline mineralpower foundation [light 5]
NYX concealer in a jar [medium]
Wetnwild blush [mellow wine]

Mac l/s [Angel]
Neutrogena  l/g [Groove]

L'oreal decrease
Styli style e/l [carbon black]
E.l.f duo e/s cream [black licorice]
120 palette [2nd edition] brown and black shades
L.A colors quad [truffles]
L'oreal telescopic explosion mascara
Revlon lashes [defining]

well I hope u liked my inspired look...

***disclaimer...this is only inspired***

Thanx for reading!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiny lipgloss haul....New fellow blogger

Hi ladies I bought some lip gloss when I went to buy groceries..I cant help but go into a store and "have-to" buy make-up, I really need help..."HELP ME!!!" lol!! well N*E ways This is what I bought!!!

Revlon lipstick & gloss..they had an instore coupon [$2.50 off], & two L'oreal color juice l/g

this lipstick has always caught my attention , so I finally bought it!! its a pretty shimmery pink

Revlon beyond natural lipgloss...awesome pigmentation and super creamy

tutti frutti...I got this because I saw it on two ladies blog...My Two Cents' blog & Le midget's blog

Grape Soda..this has totally become my fave!!!

oh and I thought I would show you ladies the different applicators of the l/g...I was surprised that the loral color juice lipglosses had diferent looking applicators, one is round and the other one is sorta slanted...

and you know I cant leave you ladies without here they are...hope this helps!!!

also ladies I thought you might want to check out a new fellow blogger....her name is Clara...go check out her blog and def subscribe!!!....Welcome to the Beauty blog world Clara :D

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