Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bargaing Alert: Diamond cosmetics 12 Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey ladies so Im here with a bargain alert!!! I thought I so needed to share this info with my readers because who doesnt love a bragain??
I know I do!!!

as you may know from the tittle the product being featured is...Diamond cosmetics 12 eyeshadow palette

So first of we have this palette in "Desert Sunrise"
this palette features shades from a light lavender to a dark shimmery purple and almost everything in between

click here for a look I did using this palette

look at how beautiful the shades are
[click pics for a better view]

Next we have "Earth tunes"
click here for a look I did using this palette

these are are very pretty neutral shades..

look at these..super gorgeous

ok so now on to the mini review

Where to purchase: I got mine at big lots
Price: $2 [as u can tell]

I love the price..only 2 bucks for 12 shades
super pigmented
easy to blend
combination of matte and shimmer
shades compliment each other

some shades look very similar
once you take the palettes out of the box..the name is not on the palette,
so I cut out the name from the box and taped it to the back of the palette

oh and I thought I would also show you a super pretty pink lipstick from Wetnwild

this shade would definitely be considered a barbie-pink shade

these are super cheap at only 93¢
they are moisturizing
glide on super smooth
found anywhere wetnwild is sold

no name only number "525D", I wish they had names

a swatch

plus a lip swatch...dont mind my mini 'stache!!lol!!

♥Thanx for Reading!!!♥


Jess(shades of gorgeous) said...

Love that pink lip!

Fifi said...

Wow Sofee, thanks for sharing! Seriously, Desert Sunrise is very pretty! Ooh I so wish I lived in the States right now. Or do you know where can I get these palettes online?

rayqueenbee said...

Great bargain, omg I love WnW lipstick, they are pigmented and so moisturizing and long lasting too for the less than a $1. I believe the website has the name of the lipsticks but they don't come on the product packaging, that color is Retro Pink. love it!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

omg the wet and wild lipstick looks lucious!!

GirlAboutTown said...

i love the wet n wild lipsticks they are so pigmented and easy on the wallet...LOL

lindah said...

I haven't gone to big lots in a minute! They're always closed when I leave the house (which is late.. lol!) I should go check this out ^_^

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