Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Playing tag..thanx to Melissa, Nikol, and Linea

So I was tagged by Linea A while back...I got the sexy blogger award

Rules Are;
1.List 5 things that are sexy about you
2.Tag 5 sexy people

ok so my five sexy things
1. Def my eyes..I get complimented on them all the time..well not so much now but alot when I was younger

2. my awesome sense of humor...mostly the one only me and the hunny understand

3. My friendliness..I love meeting new people

4. My cooking...my hubby loves the way I cook

5. My boobs...my hubby loves them too!!!lol!!

I ran out of sexy things so oh well!!!

I tag anyone who hasnt done this cuz Im pretty sure alot of people have done it already :D


I was aloso tagged by Nikol210
for being a passionate blogger thanx nikol

The Rules:
1. Put the logo in your blog
2. Write five things you are passionate about apart from blogging
3. Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

1. My relationship with my hunny..I put so much effort in taking care of him and making him feel happy and that we as a couple have everything we need

2. My family..they are very importan to me!! Even though I dont get to see them as much as I would want I love them and miss them alot

3. Makeup...as we all know!! lol!!

4. Cooking I love cooking and inventing or improving recipes especially when u hear people liking ur food

5. Organization..I love and need for all my stuff to be organized!!

I tag:
any one who hasnt done this


I was tagged by Melissa aka Ladystarr

Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play

So I just got home from work..I had a super long day..when I wake up late I only do a pony tail and usually no makeup just e/l and concealer but today I had no time for concealer as u can see my dark cirlcles :(

I tag


Katrina is a princess

Katrina [Ahoy Mate]




LipStick Staiin said...

what a brave tag!! you're still a cutie to me!! xoxo


Anonymous said...

thanks for the TAG!!...not!!! hahaha jk...i don't mind at all

cute pj!!

Melissa said...

aww scooby doo scrubs? Do you work in peds?

Sofee said...

melissa..yes I work in a pedi clinic :D

Neeyuh said...

Aww your scooby scrubs are cute! You look totally adorable! :)

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