Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Smashbox Heartbreaker lipshine--Berry

Hola ladies I'm here with a tiny review on a lipgloss that i've really been loving and I wanted to share my love for it with you my lovely readers :D

I bought this lipgloss a while back while out shopping with my friend be honest with you ladies I only bought it because my friend was awwing it and decided to get it kinda hurt me to pay $19 for  a tube lipgloss...I mean it sometimes kills me to spend $14 for a MAC lipglass; but I've grown to love it soo much I carry it in my scrubs at work all the time.

So on to the review of the Smashbox Heartbreaker lipshine in Berry from their Spring 2010 collection.
I really loveee this lipgloss, It is super wearable because you can either wear it sheer and also layer it on for  a more pigmented finish. It doesn't smell bad or taste bad, It's not sticky at all, I love the color I mean on the tube it looks like a very strong fuschia but it's really not that's very sheer yet buildable.

I did only two swipes of the lipgloss...I love wearing it, I wear it to work and for work I usually don't wear strong lip colors and this is perfect, it works great as a subtle yet noticeble color...I feel so pretty when I wear this lippie.

I really recommend trying this lipshine [if you can still find it since its LE], it's definitely worth the splurge.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Target Goodies...& Swatches

So lately i've been on a target kick...mainly because they sell elf now and I loveeee elf I picked up some of their "Elements" eyeshadows ..I was mainly going to pick up moondust because I've been lemming MAC  Satin taupe e/s and since I haven't been in the mood to go to the mall...I've been looking around for I found that Elf elements e/s in moondust is a very close dupe so for now I'll settle for that..but I'll have you soon Satin Taupe!!!

I bought a makeup bag, Target brand makeup remover (comparale to Neutrogena m-u remover), 4 E.l.f Elements e/s, compact, & Maybelline quad

So I got Moondust, Golden Glow, Wisteria, & Dusk.
So I was only going for Moondust but since I didn't wanna have it floating around on it's own I decided to pick up a compact and 3 more eyeshadows.

I also picked up another Maybelline Stylish Smokes quad in Charcoal Smokes I have 3 of them, now I only need Emerald smokes.

Swatches for Charcoal Smokes, they're a bit darker in camera flash washed it out a bit, the only thing I don't like about this quad is the highlight color.

E.l.f elements compact which I'm pretty sure many of you all have seen.
Which fits many eyeshadows other than the elements eyeshadows (ex. MAC, Milani)

Elements eyeshadows come with magnet & name of eyeshadow.

This eyeshadow is such a pretty color very close to Satin Taupe.

My New compact :D

Elements eyeshadow...
Top row (L-R) Dusk, Wisteria
Bottom row (L-R) Golden glow, Moondust
I hope this helps out some of you ladies who are lemming Satin taupe :D

Thanks for Reading!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

FOTD: Playing with forgotten eyeshadows:D

Hey ladies so I was going through my makeup stash and came across some brand new Covergirl single eyeshadows [check out colors here] that I bought a while back and never used...that is how I get reassured that I am definitely a make-up addict..I buy things and then just put it away in my drawers and forget about it, we should all set apart some time to go through our makeup stash and rediscover forgotten items.

What I used:
Revlon colorstay [Warm Golden]
NYX Blush [Pinky]
NYC Bronzer [Sunny]

Mac PP [Soft Ochre ]
CG single e/s [Purple Pop]
CG single e/s [Turquiose Temptest]
CG quad [Blossoms] [dark purple shade]
Maybelline single e/s [Vanilla]
NYC liquid liner
Dollar store fake lashes
Rimmel volume flash mascara
Almay e/l

Softlips lip balm
 Mark Dew drenched l/s [Skinny Dip]

I used a tape on the edge of my eyelid for a sharp clean look :D

[excuse the crazy undone hair]

Thanks for Reading Beauties....I am soo happy I am almost at 300 followers, Thank you all for your interest & support :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FOTD: Maybelline Natural Smokes & Cam Whoring!!

Hey ladies how's everybodys' weekend going!! I hope y'all are doing good!! Well today I did this look using my Maybelline natural smokes quad I loved the way it came out so time for an FOTD!!

I'm showing you all my natural hair...with a little product in it!!
[Giving it a little bit of a rest :D]

What I used:
Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel
Maybelline mineral power concealer
Maybelline mineral power foundation {Light 5}
Mac Blush {Mocha}
N.Y.C Bronzer {Sunny}

Elf duo cream e/s  {Butter Pecan}
Maybelline quad {Natural Smokes}
N.Y.C liquid liner
Almay e/l
Rimmel volume flash mascara
Revlon Fantasy Lenghts {Defining}[I'm trying to get better at applying faux lashes :D]

Revlon l/s {Pink In the Afternoon}
Mac l/g {Viva Glam V}
{Maybelline Natural Smokes}

  Ready for the camwhoring!!!

Thanx For Reading!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

In love with Mark Cosmetics + mini review....

Hey ladies Im here with a mini haul from Mark....I ordered these off of a friend from work..I've been wanting to try their blush for the longest time and I finally had a chance to try it out plus a few other things so here is what I ordered

I got two lipsticks, a blush, & a eyeshadow/eyeliner duo

The shade I got is in "After glo"...OMG this blush is sooo is such a steal at only $7dollars..I got this shade because I have heard so many good things about it and it is def lives up to its hype.
it gives me such a beautiful glow without looking too shimmery or overpowering..I might get another shade and a compact for it, since I still have it in the original packaging [you have to buy the compact seperately]..any suggestions on what other shade to get..please let me know :D

look at this beautiful glowy peachy pink shade!!!

these here are the Dew Drenched Moisturlicious Lip Color  and let me tell you these are definitly moisturizing..I don't even need to apply lip balm under these babies...the colors are a little sheer but on me they do show up nicely :D

ok so I was kinda skeptical to try these out because they kinda look like a rip-off but trust me they have the same product as a normal l/s would it's just that the packaging is tiny...I got skinny dip because I loved the way it looked on one of the models in the is such a pretty nude color and I got crush because it looked like the shades I adore which are pinky/lavender shades and I love it too..

they almost look wet..that's how moisturlicious they!!!

the last thing I got is the Keep it going longwear eyeliner & eyeshadow  hmmmm....I'm not really impressed with this I tried it a few times and the purple shade is just like all the other purple gel liners I've tried, plus it's also a little on the sheer side..and as a base it super hard to blend, it dries up really quick I guess that's how it stay put for a good the gray shade is a little better it's not sheer at first I thought the purple shade was going to be an eyeshadow and the grey an eyeliner I mean they make it seem like one is a powder shadow...but both are gel consistency.

and this is $10 would I purchase more of these?...NO! I would def repurchase more of the blushes and lipsticks!

Thanks for Reading ladies!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

FOTD: Smokey eyes with pop of purple

Hey ladies im here with another FOTD...another smokey look but this time with a pop of my fave color purple...the hubby and I went out to dinner last night with my sis-in-law and her hubby...we went to eat our fave...mexican food yummy :D
I had a yummy margarita btw which was also very yummy

so here is the look

What I used
Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing gel
Mac Studio Tech foundation [NC 32]
Mac Studio finish concealer [NW25]
Sonia Kashuk blush [Flamingo] 
N.Y.C bronzer [Sunny]
E.l.f duo cream e/s  [Black licorice]
NYX smokey eyes palette
Milani e/s [shock]{lowerlashline}
MAC e/s [satellite dreams]{lowerlashline}
NYC e/l [jet black]
Almay e/l [black]
Fresh Supernova mascara
Benefit bad gal lash mascara
Softlips lip balm
MAC l/s [Patisserie]

*excuse the ungroomed eyebrows i groomed them today I swear

hope you all like my smokey look
Im working on a  collective haul post ..I just get so lazy to edit'll be up soon though..
Thanx for Reading.

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