Thursday, May 14, 2009

M.A.C Help!!

So today I went to the mall with the hubby to look for wedding bands...yes I know we are so late on buying them [our wedding day is in a week] n*e ways we were looking around and he ended up wanting to go to the apple mac I decided to go to the "M.A.C" makeup store.....I was very intimidated to go in ...the hunny had told me to buy anything that I wanted but....I have no idea what to buy..there were too many things to see at once and I kinda felt my question is....
What do u girls think should be my first m.a.c purchase???

I want to buy things that I'll love and that I'll use please help me :D

Thanx in advance

Take care ladies!!


GirlyTomboy said...

haha. it's funny i just posted a blog about starting my MAC eyeshadow collection, and asked about MAC must have eyeshadows.

BabyJanny said...

how about the mac blacktrack fluidline and a brush to go with it! its a wonderful gel based liner, everybody LOVES it!

besides that there are awesome eyeshadows like woodwinked, ricepaper, amber lights, carbon (just a few out of their billion awesome eyeshadows) the 217 brush is an awesome blending brush too, btw! their brushes are pricey but SO worth it!

their mineralized skinfinish powders are BOMB too, super popular :) theyll give ur skin a nice glow!

it really depends on what ur into. mac is awesome as an allround brand. they have lashes, foundations, eyeshadows, paintpots (for bases), fluidlines, pencils, lipsticks, lipglosses.

im personally an eyeshadow whore so its eyeshadow galore for me when i goto mac. i picked up an empty 15 pan palette so i can just buy the shadows in their pan form and pop em right in there :)

hope it helps!! <3

BabyJanny said...

in response to ur question about blushes, i dont know too much about their blushes but i own a couple myself.. i have honor (super pretty dusty pink with gold flecks) and mocha (a darker mauvey pink).

other must haves that ive found to be popular are pink swoon, springsheen, plum foolery, gingerly, blunt (i have this and use it for contouring), melba and coppertone :)

besides that they have some mineralized blushes, but i unfortunately dont know too much about them. they just released mineralized blush duos which are suposed to be awesome too.


Sofee said...

baby janny thanx girl u've been soooo helpful :D


Wow I can go forever. But once you buy MAC beware, you may become a MAC addict! My suggestions on first purchases:

Pink: Angel
Nude: Freckletone
Plum: Capricious
Red: Russian Red

Everyday gloss: Luminary
Pink: Love Nectar
Nude: C-thru
Plum/Purple: Magnetique (from the rose romance collection)
Red: Russian Red
For Fun: Lychee Luxe

Black: Blacktrack gel fluidline (stays on all day and so easy to put on with a MAC 266 brush)
Brown: Teddy Eye Kohl
For Fun: Fascinating eye kohl (matte white pencil that's great for the waterline to open eyes)

Black: CARBON!!!--this is a staple in my makeup kit. this is a very useful shadow!
Blue: Clarity (matte)
Brown: Satin Taupe--great for everyday neutrals
Highlight: Ricepaper e/s
Green: Juxt or Club
Purple: Shale
Plum: Plum Dressing
Pink: Girlie
Gray: Knight Divine
For Fun: Passionate, Electric Eel, Chrome Yellow

Paint Pots
for everyday use and every look i would pick up PAINTERLY paint pot.

If you like liquid foundation I really like the mineralize satinfinish foundation and studio sculpt.
If you like powders, you have to try their studio fix powder/foundation or mineralized skinfinish naturals. Really great powders.

Peach: Peachtwist
Coral: Style
Pink: Dame
Natural: Sunbasque
Plum toned: Plum Foolery
Contour: Harmony

I really like their prep 'n prime face, not the one with the spf 50, the regular kind. So if you're looking for a good primer, they have a good one.

Face: MAC 109...if your planning to use this as a foundation brush, this is better than the MAC 187 IMO. I have both and use the 109 more. YOu can pretty much use the 109 for everything: application of foundation, blush, contouring and blending highlight.
Eyes: MAC 217, 239, and 266--brushes I can't live without.

Geeze I can go on and on. Hope this helps. I only put staples in my makeup routine and things I pretty much use everyday.

Rai said...

My first MAC purchase was a lipgloss in Ample Pink.

I say get eyeshadows that you could use all the time.
Beauty Marked and Amber Lights are nice.

Just go around swatching things that catch your eye and pick what you want. =D

BabyJanny said...

ur welcome hon.. if anything, dont get overwhelmed!

just ask the makeup artists, they're there to help YOU :) theyll help u find some stuff that u like and recommend some shades for u.

good luck!

Tammy said...

You NEED a MAC MSF Natural can be used as a finishing powder or alone. I just started using their studio fix concealers and I really love them!!
If you're looking for lippies Viva Glam V is a great pick that works for everyone!!
Eyeshadow must haves are Satin Taupe, All That Glitters, & Sketch.

I hope that helps you!!!

RYC--I bought my vanity at a place called Unclaimed Freight..I think these stores can only be found in New Jersey. I was told that this vanity can also be found at H-Mart & Valley Fair.

Erica said...

Hmmmm, Sofia I'm gonna say you have to buy at least 1 lipstick that really catches your attention, Pink Plaid is sooo pretty, Syrup, Plink! are other pretty colors.

Also, get yourself a blush. MAC Blushes are amazing. Ask the MA to match you to a perfect tone.

I'd say you'll be happy with your purchases and you'll use them, trust me :)

Vanessa M. said...

1st mac? oh hunny...
Studio Fix
Paint Pot
Ricepaper & Carbon e/s
Angel,Viva GLamV, Myth, bombshell
*takes breath*
or whatever catches your eye;) hehe

LINEA. said...

i was over welmed too, i actualy bought my first MAC item online! lol only because you can browse, by yourself & not with some chick hanging around you askin if you need help! which you do, but i didnt know where to start! lol so my first pick would have to be

*Fix+ (this you can use for everything!!)
*217 brush
*Painterly PaintPot
*Viva La Glam V
*& Rice Paper!

& anything eyeshadow shades you love!

Jennnyy. said...

wow that post up there is awesome :) very helpful! i'm starting to expand into more MAC makeup as well :D

i don't have much mac stuff, but i WILL recommend what i do have and absolutely LOVE.

c-thru lipglass for a nude lipgloss & studio fix powder OR fluid for foundation.


Anonymous said...

this is a tough one!! i say go get urself a lipstick, a lipglass, a blush, and atleast 2 e/s. i think that's a good start. Don't be intimidated by the products and MUA. have a MUA walk u through it and try some colors out!!!

The good thing is, if u dun like it, come back n return or exchange it.

Before you leave, get urself some samples of their foundations and concealers and pigments!!! oh yes!!!

Jasmin said...

hmmm... mine was eye shadow & recently bought one of their lipsticks.. I would say eyshadow because they have an awesome collection & their variety.. Their lipstick is gerat as well.

Lady Lostris said...

Get any Veluxe Pearl eyeshadow color that appeals to you. Those VPs are so creamy you'll fall in love with the texture! =D

Or my #1 fave eyeshadow, Satin Taupe, which isn't a Veluxe Pearl (lol) but a Frost. Happy shopping!

Melissa said...

You will LOVE MAC! I'm still intimidated to this day to go in. Ricepaper is my most favoritest highlight e/s. Their lipsticks are awesome...I really like their amplified cream formula for lipsticks. You should get an MSF!! Hope this helps!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

oh man, the first time I went in I was super overwhelmed too. I didn't know what the hell to buy since it was my first non-drugstore makeup buy. I would say if you like powder foundations then studio fix. Just cause the coverage can be light to full. And it's a great finishing powder. Plus the color selection really gives you and exact match if you go to the "right" MA.

Rai said...

Also Sofia, you should google swatches of MAC products and make a list of everything you like.

That way when you go into MAC it won't be so overwhelming. :]

Anonymous said...

Aww, your husband is too sweet. :) My first MAC purchase was actually their Studio Fix Foundation. I think that's a good start. You'll be glad you bought it. Nothing TRULY compares.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and definitely pick up Viva Glam V lipstick. It looks good on everyone!!

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