Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My e.l.f. wants!!

So money has been kinda short so I havent hauled makeup in a while but I am dying to try some new and not so new elf products, so below is a list of my "e.l.f wants"!

I really want to try their flawless foundation!

I want to get more of these essential lipsticks which are only $1

I want to try their 2 new shades of blush


the tinted moisturizer


more of the glossy gloss

and the new shade of the quads which looks beautiful

So what have you been wanting to try from e.l.f ?
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Monday, September 05, 2011

Blog Name Change!

So Ive decided to change my blog name from Sofia's Brighter Days to Makeup By Sofia, what do you think please give me your feed back, I know I havent been blogging much I kinda ran out of motivation :(, maybe I need a little change to bring back my motivation!

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