Friday, October 31, 2008

e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher

does anybody have this blush?? I'm thinking about buying it!!! let me know if it is any good!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Lots mini Haul

So i went to big lots today and this is what i purchased... A Ms.Makeup kookie kabuki, E.L.F Lip gloss duo, Ms.Manicure Polishing duo, and a studio basics angle tip shadow brush...and the total on this was roughly about $ a bargain! *Ms.Makeup kookie kabuki was $2
*E.L.F Lip gloss duo $1.80
*Ms.Manicure Polishing duo $1
*studio basics angle tip shadow brush 50¢
well i love them ciao!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange "Pin-up girl" look

So I've been seeing these blogs about "pin up girl" looks so i decided to give it a try and this was the outcome

tell me what u girls think and give me some feedback on what i could've done better :D







these are the things i used :D



Hope u like it....much love, SOFY

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

36 e/s palette

Well I forgot to post pics of the e/s palette i bought on Sunday... I found them at a dollar store, it is super pretty and I love it, even though some of the colors do repeat themselves, they are very pigmented and for $3 this was a super bargain :D
with flash [i rubbed my finger on the pink]
w/out flash


I was tagged by Tammy :

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**** 6 non-important things about me:****

1. I am a medical assistant

2. I have an obsession with pens, I love love pens...dunno why

3. I miss my family that are back in my hometown...hopefully visiting in January!!!

4. I luv pizza rolls from my local pizzeria: Alamo Pizza

5. I love collecting Journals

6. I'm a proud hispanic!!

1.Jessica Dee

I dont know who else to tag :(

Monday, October 27, 2008

OMG Bummed again!!!! "beware some of these pix are horrifying"

So today I finally received my 120 e/s palette and I was very disappointed.... most of the damn e/s were broken I counted them and in total there were about 40-50 of them broken. I am so bummed I think I'm not going to order e/s online took me like an hour and a half to finish pressing them, I guess I'll just stick to ordering from cherry culture
As soon as I opened the package a I saw all this loose powder [u really cant see it in the pic though] immediately I told my hubby "this isn't good"
I got this thing which I have no idea what its for, if anyone knows please let me know :D

I also got this mini set of brushes....I'll try them out later

this is how the box looked like, all full of powder

it was worse on the inside but i cleaned it out a bit before i took the pic

these were the worst ones, the ones on top.. they looked horrible

After I pressed them they looked a little better
this is the second half... I was so upset... all this anticipation for this : (

much better

AND this is the final product!!! I emailed the seller cuz i bought the insurance but i doubt there will be anything done...well at least i got them to the point where they can be used... oh well

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anxiously awaiting my 120 EYE SHADOW PALETTE

So I ordered my e/s palette [pic from eBay] on Sept 4, and I ordered it from my hubby's eBay acct and I didn't realize his pay pal address was from our old address in Brownsville, TX [my hometown]..which is like six hrs away from where i live now, so I haven't been able to go get it since we've been so busy with work....but this weekend my in-laws went to our hometown so they are doing me the favor of bringing them for me and I must admit I am super excited.. I cant wait to use them and create some colorful looks with them... well I guess this is all for now...Laterz!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Hair Gods

These are some of my fave hair products, I love the Aussie and TRESemme brands, I found myself obsessed with these products. I love that they don't make my hair feel all sticky like most hairsprays I've tried before, also they don't make my hair flaky,I hate hair products that get all flaky and make u look like u suffer from dandruff...

the Aussie mousse and hairspray are the perfect combination when u want to make ur hair look semi wavy, they provide hold and movement...

the TRESemme products i love because they provide a super hold, plus they both smell delicious

oh and last but not least I love my proclaim glossing polish [color & heat protection], this product prevents ur hair from getting burned when u straighten it, curl it, etc, I bought it at sally's and I luv it, BTW it also smells delish

if anybody has tried these let me know and tell me ur experience :D

Mac Manish Arora Collection



I have been reading all these blog about the MAC MANISH ARORA line and I must say I really love the bold colors, I especially like the like the blush in Devil, Hopefully I can buy it someday but not right now...For now I'll just envy the people who have it : D

I cant wait for da weekend to see what kind of goodies I get, I look forward to the weekends cuz it's the only time I get to spend with my love, we hardly see each other during the week cuz we both work during the day then he goes to school in the evening, the good thing is i always have him next to me @ night :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gum Drop Blue


So I created this look today using my new sally Quad in "Gum Drops" , I liked the combination of the green and blue, I hope u all like it, [go easy on me remember I'm a beginner :D ]



Let me know if i can do anything to make it look better, I would really appreciate it !!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sally's Mini Quads

Well as far as my babe's B-day goes, he decided he didnt want to do anything special so we just went to our fave pizza parlor and had a bite to eat and then we went shopping a little, i didnt take any pics cuz my camera ran out of batteries in the morning and i dint have enough time to charge them :( so here are some things i bought today:


So I have been reading blogs and watching vids on youtube about the Sally's eyeshadow quads being a good deal so I bought them today, I bought "GUM DROPS" & "LUCKY LOVE" , these colors are so pretty and for 99¢ u really cant beat that, I also bought 2 lip liners one in "Pearl Orchid" & the other in "Cappuccino", oh and a mini eyeliner, then when we went to H-E-B to buy groceries I bought a Wetnwilld blush in "Heather silk", very good might I add. Well thats all BYE : )


My Babe's B-day!!

Today is my love's 27th B-day!!! I'm so excited, awww *sighs* how time flies by, I remember the day i met him like it was just yesterday, but N*E ways we still don't have any set plans on what we are going to do today, but I do know whatever we do we are going to have the best time. Yesterday he told me he didn't want anything "special" but that's probably just code for I want something special so I'll think of something to do for him, Well I'll post up some pics later of how our day goes! Bye :D

Saturday, October 18, 2008



Friday, October 17, 2008

MY trip to Wal Mart

I was in the mood to go to Wal-Mart and i bought a couple of things, I bought my shampoo that I love...Herbal Essence for color treated hair, I just love the way it smells :D and it makes my hair all soft.... I also bought some N.Y.C Liquid Lip Shine which are beautiful* Stay tune for the swatches Oh and a Cover Girl eye enhancers e/s...


The colors I bought were.. Iced Orchid, Cappuccino, Sungold Pink, and Dusty Rose.

These Colors are so beautiful..Love them


These are called "firecracker"



[Make-up] Bought these on SUNDAY 10-12-08


i was looking for all these colors and i finally found them at a dollar store down the road yay!!! OH AND the Rimmel lipstick and foundation i got at GOODWILL for only 9cents...


yesterday my friend annabel brought me the the stuff i ordered i was so excited!!! i got nyx eyeshadow pencils in lemon, hot pink, yellow and orange, and the princessa ones in creamy cocoa, and purple passion :D


and two nyx lip glosses in red tint and peach

i finally got the guts to buy the HIP cream liner..I love it !!!


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