Monday, October 27, 2008

OMG Bummed again!!!! "beware some of these pix are horrifying"

So today I finally received my 120 e/s palette and I was very disappointed.... most of the damn e/s were broken I counted them and in total there were about 40-50 of them broken. I am so bummed I think I'm not going to order e/s online took me like an hour and a half to finish pressing them, I guess I'll just stick to ordering from cherry culture
As soon as I opened the package a I saw all this loose powder [u really cant see it in the pic though] immediately I told my hubby "this isn't good"
I got this thing which I have no idea what its for, if anyone knows please let me know :D

I also got this mini set of brushes....I'll try them out later

this is how the box looked like, all full of powder

it was worse on the inside but i cleaned it out a bit before i took the pic

these were the worst ones, the ones on top.. they looked horrible

After I pressed them they looked a little better
this is the second half... I was so upset... all this anticipation for this : (

much better

AND this is the final product!!! I emailed the seller cuz i bought the insurance but i doubt there will be anything done...well at least i got them to the point where they can be used... oh well


Tammy said...

Boo!! That really sucks that they came broken. At least you were able to save them though.

Tammy said...

I tagged u..go take a look at my blog. =)

Neeyuh said...

Soo sorry that happend! Good you knew how to fix them though!!

jeSmakeup said...

ohhh that sucks!! this looks like a new 120 e/s palette cuz the most ive seen has the e/s wit two colors togehter... who did u order from? this person was prob a new ebayer! sucks...

Miss Undastood said...

I have one of the 120 eyeshadow palettes. Mine came perfectly together. The name brand of mine is Beauties Factory and I ordered it from romantic_city on ebay. I am sorry your came out so damaged. When/if you ever order from ebay again, make sure the rating is at LEAST 98%. That is my rule and the person I ordered from has a 100% rating so...goodluck with all your makeup endeavors

Princess Katrina said...

Oh man, I'd be so mad if that happened. But you sure did a good job fixing it up!

Erica said...

Something is fishy here, Could it have been tampered with on purpose?! Some people (Especially guys at the post office) can be really mean...
The clue: see how there are good ones and bad ones that are broken are scattered all thruout the palette.
I would have called USPS or UPS to complain and would have made them pay for it!
lol- but still I'm sorry for that

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