Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Hair Gods

These are some of my fave hair products, I love the Aussie and TRESemme brands, I found myself obsessed with these products. I love that they don't make my hair feel all sticky like most hairsprays I've tried before, also they don't make my hair flaky,I hate hair products that get all flaky and make u look like u suffer from dandruff...

the Aussie mousse and hairspray are the perfect combination when u want to make ur hair look semi wavy, they provide hold and movement...

the TRESemme products i love because they provide a super hold, plus they both smell delicious

oh and last but not least I love my proclaim glossing polish [color & heat protection], this product prevents ur hair from getting burned when u straighten it, curl it, etc, I bought it at sally's and I luv it, BTW it also smells delish

if anybody has tried these let me know and tell me ur experience :D


Tammy said...

I used to be such a big fan of Aussie..I love the smell!! Then I realized that a lot of the products flaked up and made me look like I have dandruff. =(
I've only used a few Tresseme products and I wasn't too crazy about them...
My favorite hair goodies are from CIBU and some brand I buy at Walgreens for waves...drawing a blank on the

Tammy said...

Oh I love the songs on your page..I stayed on longer just finish listening to a song..haha

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