Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walgreens H.I.P haul [bogo] I fixed the comment link!!!

So today I went to walgreens and they had H.I.P products at buy one get one free so this is what I bought ....2 pigment in restless and fiery, I also got 2 e/s duos in flamboyant and brazen, oh I also got a jane. liquid e/l in sterling. I love the H.I.P colors now I feel like I got to get all of them!!! I luv luv buying make up when its buy one get one free..

BTW Physicians Formula is 40% off

so whats up with this??

Every time i add a link to a blog i want to follow it says that the "blog" doesn't have a feed what does that mean?? Can any body help me with this?

Saturday, November 29, 2008


So how was everybody's Thanksgiving??? mine was was my first time cooking the turkey all by myself and thank goodness it came out ok..I was so afraid..all the pressure was on me..well n*e ways me and the hubby werent able to go to the "black friday" sale cuz we both had to huh? but we did go out today and i bought some stuff...I didnt want to but i couldnt help myself..I just got a couple of inexpensive things....
I got an some L.A colors stuff, NYX e/l

an eyeshadow powder from wal-mart

L.A colors l/g in rose petals

L.A Colors blush in natural [btw the brush sux]

NYX e/l in silver & purple

[no name] it's like a turqouise color

this is my first time doing swatches I hope I did a good job...well i hope y'all enjoyed my haul...if u have any questions let me know and ill answer them as soon as I can :D ttyl

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey day

To all my fellow blogettes i wish u da best time with your family and friends...take care and be safe :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last night i did this EOTD, I only did one eye cuz all of a sudden I felt lazy...I did this eotd using my LA colors palette in "WILDFLOWERS" I hope you all like it!!

sorry on my eyelashes they look fugly cuz i applied the mascara in a hurry..

LA Colors palette "Wildflowers"

1. Marykay eyelash curler
2. NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in "yellow"
3. CG Lash Blast
4. WetnWild e/l in "Lilac"
5. Prestige e/l in "black"

Lately I've been feeling super lazy. I don't even feel like waking up in the morning to go to work. I wake up like 30 min b4 I have to be @ work, that's how lazy I've been..I'm really taking advantage of the fact that I live like 5 min away from my job, I'm gonna be so sorry when we move out in a couple of months...
So do u gurlies have any advice on how to get motivated to wake up early or on how to feel well rested in da morning?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Got dry lips???

So gurlies during this winter season we all try to protect our lips from getting dry...unfortunately sometimes it still i have a little home remedy i read about to help u with this annoying problem..

**What you'll need**
1. soft toothbrush
2. vaseline
*** The steps are so easy and simple even a baby could do it..just apply vaseline all over your lips as you would do lipgloss..then with the "soft" toothbrush gently scrub away all those dead skin cells and wooalahhhh!! your lips now feel great!! READY for ur lipstick or lipgloss***

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend mini haul...

So u guys know i love a good deal...I love shopping at Cherry Culture but i have seen that the L.A colors cosmetics are about $3 to $4 which is okay bt i was looking for an even better deal, so this weekend i went to a couple of dollar stores in search of these 5 Color Eye Shadow palettes and i found alot of colors at this one dollar store ...damn i forgot the name of it....well n*e ways i found some for a $1.29 each...and others for $1.50...I also went to melrose and saw awesome NYX e/l but I was with my hubby and he didnt let me buy them...sad...but i'll get them later, {maybe} these above were $1.50 @ Family dollar...i was kinda upset cuz they kinda look da same but oh well!!
these i got @ that store i forgot the name of...i dint buy all the palettes but almost...I'm kinda sad cuz i didnt find the one i wanted most which was "tease" but the lady there told me to check next week so i will...hopefully i find it :D..I'm working on how take good pix on swatches so if i get it ill post up some swatches on these palettes...
i really wasnt looking for an eyelash curler but u know i cant pass up a deal...i found this at the goodwill brand's marykay and it was only 99 works very well!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is my EOTD..i did this using my L.A COLORS 6 Color Metallic e/s in EYE CANDY
EYES: L.A COLORS in "EYE CANDY"...NYX jumbo pencil in "strawberry milk". maybelline colossal mascara and some falsies..e/l my colortrend from AVON
FACE: Maybelline mineral power, cheeks Wetnwilld blush in "Heather silk"
LIPS: carmex, NYX round l/s in narcissus



Hope u all like it and thanx to all the people who left nice comments on my posts!!!

MY new jacket i bought for winter?? what do u think???

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

EOTD: Tropical Ocean Breeze

So i haven't posted in a while cuz I've been feeling sick..I came down with strep throat..but today I felt like creating a "look" so I decided to go with a blue look. Using mainly my L.A Colors loose e/s in "Tropical" and "Ocean Blue" ***Click to enlarge***

sorry about my eyebrows..i need to do some maintance already :D

This below is what I used!!
Face: Maybelline Mineral Power concealer and foundation and NYX rouge cream blush in "Glow"
Lips: Carmex, Tropez l/s # 22512
Eyes: MaryKate & Ashley all over color in blue, L.A Colors loose e/s in Ocean breeze & Tropical, golden pigment, Wnw sky blue e/l, CG Lash blast, H.I.P cream e/l, highlight from cg firecracker

Hope u all liked my look....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Make up collection

**********Extremely Pic HEavy *********
So i decided to post a blog of my makeup collection....i wasnt going to cuz i felt like crap all day [ Im sick : ( ] but i changed my mind so here it is...
I dont have any high end make up yet but...tomorrow ill hopefully be going to ulta with my friend annabel so ill see what i buy...


So this is the new set up i have now i got the idea of the black containers from Lady Lostris...and below ill show what exactly is in each drawer


so this is a top look..i have my mascaras and l/g that i hardly use..i have like double mascaras cuz i bought them when they were on sale...[2 for the price of 1]


so here i have eyeshadow palettes and singles


more eyeshadows


here are eyeliners, both pencil and liquid and my fave eyelash curler


here are lipsticks and l/g..the ones i use the most


more l/g and lip balms


this is mostly face stuff..concalers and foundations...and my elf all over cover sticks


here are colored e/l and NYX jumbo pencils


and this is where i previosly stored all my make up...but now it has only some of it and also my journals and misc stuff


top drawer my bigger palettes including my 120...


and the second drawer which contains face powders, blushes, bronzers and my L.A Colors loose e/s
so thats it....this is my makeup collection so far.....but I'm trying to stop cuz my hubby is getting kinda mad at me already...Im really trying ughrrrrr :(

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walgreens and haul!

so ladies.... today i went to walgreens and bought a couple of things, I saw this brand i hadn't heard of before called "tropez" so i decided to give it a try..I also read about them in seventeen magazine, they recommended it so i gave it a try, i bought two cream e/s palettes..very pretty colors...and they have a mirror on the it!! and i also bought a double sided blending brush... these three things were on total was like 5 love a sale!!! and this is my haul from i received it yesterday...I bought mostly nyx stuff..and also some kissywear single e/s which I also loved.[way better than i expected]..I used the kissywear e/s today and i loved them..y'all shpuld try them out, they are only a dollar! So yeah this is my haul for friday and saturday..if u have any questions on the stuff i got let me know and ill answer as soon as i can..Take Care :D

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