Monday, February 22, 2010

Collective Haul:Hard Candy, Jemma Kid, L'oreal, H.I.P, Mac, Revlon, Wetnwild

 Hey so how have you ladies been? I hope eveybody had a great weekend!! I haven't posted any of my latest hauls so I'm just gonna do a collective haul post. So I got a bunch of different stuff from different brands :D
Let me start with my Walgreens Haul:
I got some things from Wetnwild & a L'oreal H.i.P duo
Think Pink[901B], Just Peachy[903C], Mauve Outta Here[907C], Through the Grapevine[208A], & Candy-liscious[209B]
 I really like these lippies, first because of the price and the fact that they are super creamy...can you guess which one is my fave?
 My fave is "Mauve outta here"
 Mauve Outta Here[907C], Just Peachy[903C], & Think Pink[901B]
 I hadn't gone to Walgreens in a good while so I had no idea H.i.P had new pretty duos
 I got it because it reminded me of a shadow duo from Too Faced called Party girl..I don't know if they're dupes but they do look very similar, this one is called "Charming".
Too Faced shadow duo in "Party Girl"  for comparison.

ok and now for some MAC and Revlon l/s 
I got the new Viva Glam Gaga, Laugh a alot, and from Revlon Pink in the Afternoon ,
I wanted to keep up with the collections but lately it's like we've been having terrible luck with our cars...I will still try to get at least a few things from them.
From Target: 
some eyebrow stuffies
ok the Hard Candy e/s is from Wal-Mart and the two JK lippies from Target... 
"Muse" & "A la Mode"
they were on sale only $8 compared to $16 
Hard Candy Kaleyedescope e/s Backstage 
Muse, A la Mode,  Backstage
well that's it ladies if you have any questions...please let me know :D


Tina-Bobeena said...

wow awesome haul and swatches!!! i noticed that WnW has better packaging now too!! i'm gonna start eyeing their l/s!! :)

i'm now following your blog. when you have time, come swing by mine. i'm fairly new at it and would like to get more fellow followers.

thanks, tina

EmeraldC83 said...

Love that think pink and the hip duo

Rai said...

Nice stuff! I like the lippies. I want some of the new Wet n Wild stuff, but I'm having trouble locating it all. I should try my Walgreens.

Kmart had the new stock, but it's waaaay in the other part of town.

Tammy said...

The Just Peachy lipstick looks so pretty!! I think I'll pick it up soon. Thanks for the pics.

nice haul!!

Erica said...

My Viva Glam came in the mail on Friday, I was sooooo excited, do you like it? I do :) I bought both Cyndi and Gaga and a backup of Gaga :)

The JK lippies look nice! I have one in Minx, but it is a very sheer color

Gaby said...

Great goodies! Especially the Wet 'n Wild lippies... I have to get some ^^ Are they from the new collection?

Jasmin said...

Love the post! Cute!!! Want these! Awesome selection.

ExpressInGlamourCosmetics said...

Nice haul!
I really want to try the JK lipsticks from Target now. They look really nice.

Kayvona B said...

I can't wait to get my Viva Glam lippie, I'm getting it tomorrow, idk which one to get though, lol. I'm really liking the Think Pink from Wet n Wild, I just might have to go and get it :)

AnNeTtEe said...

oohh... I love the WnW lippies!! I wanna get all 3 of em... need to scratch an itch anyways... LOL.. how are the JK lippies?? I've always been curious about that brand

Neeyuh said...

Great stuff you got! Thanks for the swatches of those WnW lipsticks, I've been eyeing them lately but wasn't sure what colors I would like. How do you like the polishes?

eternalmi said...

how similar is think pink to gaga?

J-Ezzy said...

Dang girl, I looooooooove this collective haul!!! I can't wait to see how the brow stuff works for you!

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