Monday, February 08, 2010

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips & more Sally Girl Baked e/s

Hey ladies so I went to wal-mart today and saw these new Physicians Formula shimmer strips and I took some candid photos so I could show u all the new goodies!!

[clink on all pix to enlarge]

I have to get me some of these..double sided side is your normal black mascara and the other side is a colored mascara

so these are the two I got...One is for Brown eyes and the other is for Hazel eyes

I got for brown & hazel because I have hazel eyes but sometimes my eye color does change and they can also look brown at time

they are super pigmented
can be used wet & dry
can be used as eyeliner
create a soft or dramatic look

swatches coming soon!!

and I also went to Sally's and picked up some more of the Baked e/s

they were at buy 5 get 1 free...
to see the other shades I have click here!!

[made a short vid]


Chrissy said...

Omg...major lemming.

Erica said...

Girly, please enter my giveaway and also spread the word, thanks!

I love the baked Sally's e/s....My favorite is the pink one, I usually wear that one for everyday neutral looks for work!

I had gotten the Physicians Formula strips eyeshadows back in the holiday sometime and I did not like it at all...It came with a mascara and both were bad quality. I like those new 'Pop' of color ones, I'll give them a try maybe they reformulated the eyeshadows this time!

Halifax said...

You really like these baked shadows, don't you? My Sally didn't have a good selection of them, which sucked. I suggested them to come out with a palette, to save the packaging :-)

Musicalhouses said...

Great haul! I like the Brown eyes one, it looks pretty!

Marce said...

Nice haul! Everything looks so sparkly and pretty!

Alina said...

Those Sally's baked eye shadows look gorgeous!

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