Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Updated Top Ten Fave Lip Products [Video]

Top 10 11 Lip Products

1. Carmex Moisture Plus
2. NYX l/s [Power]
3. CQ l/s [Mod]
4. MAC l/s [Lovelorn]
5. Rimmel London l/s [Heavenly]
6. Revlon l/s [Pink Pout]
7. Avon l/s [Chic Mauve]...not chick!!lol!!
8. NYX l/s [Real Nude]
9. N.Y.C l/g [Iced Orchid]
10. MAC l/g [Cultured]
11. Loreal H.i.P j/b [Succulent]

Here Is a vid of me showing u all my fave lip products..sorry if my focusing sux...Im trying to build up the courage to actually upload these to YT but I'm afraid of all the "hate" on there...ADVICE??Please :D


jcell said...

omg girl you should so go on youtube! you would be awesome! people would love you. i'm on youtube and i haven't got any hate comments or anything like that.

Rai said...

I was planning to do the same! lol
And as for YT, just do it and ignore & block the haters. Spam & hate all are over the internet. :)

Nice top 10!

Vanessa M. said...

love your top ten and your so adorable on video!! dont even worry about all that "hate" just block them haha

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

This was a great video! :D I have & love pink pout!

When I was on youtube, it was really fun to begin with, after the 1st few hundred, you start getting really weird comments, a few hateful messages lol.. You just have to remember it's someone who's TRYING to make u mad, for fun.. Don't let it get to you or take it personal, they do it to alotta other people too!

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

As far as youtube, my advice is: if you get a rude/hateful comment or message, just delete it & ignore it - then go block the user..Don't make any videos addressing it, because they got what they wanted, a reaction & they'll keep coming back for more! lol, haters suck!

EmeraldC83 said...

There will always be haters... Just remember you are beautiful and they are jealous, thats why they hate. That just shows how fly you are because they are jealous!

EmeraldC83 said...

Your Power lipstick looks so much more wearable than mine... mine looks really bright.

Consuela said...

I LOVE the eye makeup in this video, so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sofee said...

Thanx for the advice Ladies!! Love y'all!!

Alisa said...

Please do a youtube channel!! Just do your thang girl & don't worry about the haters!!

Neeyuh said...

Great vid! I subscribed to your channel already! I need to get up the confidence to upload videos to yt.

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