Saturday, June 20, 2009


So today I went to the mall with the hubby with my mind set on buying some MAC products what did I end up buying...only the mac brush cleaner...I feel sooooo guilty of splurging!! I really really want to because I know I work my a** off and I really deserve it!! So tomorrow I will be going again to the mall to see if I get over my fear of splurging and buy some things...I also went to forever 21 and bought two sets of earrings that are so cute, Ill post pix tomorrow cuz my cam battery died!! So wait for my post mañana!! Take care loves!!

P.S should I buy online first?? even though I missed the sale??


Adrienne - said...

haha, you are too cute. once you start with MAC, you'll never stop. kinda like pringles... but worse. I can't wait to see your haul photos!!

nackybeauty said...

aww thanks for the comment :D

can't wait to see the earrings u got.
and hopefully u will get over ur fear of splurging and buy some goodies :D

becky said...

i know what you mean girl. i sometimes want to splurge on things esp at times when i feel like i deserve it but i always end up not getting a lot. i dont know why lol

diana said...

I knoe right! I actually give myself budget everytime i head down to mac! Otherwise, there goes my FOOD allowance..ahahah!

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