Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Haul, Bad Bad me + my first Mac l/s

So I got these things I got at Target & Big Lots yesterday...

so at Target I bought two bronzer in "Bali bronzer" and a mega glo in "Strike-A-Pose-Rose", two studio tools brushes, [which sucked so I returned them today] and a loose translucent powder from N.Y.C

at Big Lots I got the two e.l.f l/g for $1.80

Bali Bronze


Goddess & Candlelight

I did a replicate Fotd that I did two weeks ago...[it's a different shirt but it looks the same]
I forgot what I used in the last fotd :(

Today's Fotd!!!

My new sucky haircut..I realized I hate it..I'll let it grow longer and then recut it

What I used Today
Johnsons softlotion
Rimmel Fix+perfect
SK Hidden Agenda concealer palette
Revlon Colorstay "Natural Tan"
WnW mega glo "strike-a-pose-rose"
Milani blush "Mai-Tai"
softlips lip balm
NYX "Thalia"
e.l.f duo e/s cream "bluberry"
Revlon colorstay quad "copper spice"
L'oreal H.i.P duo "showy"
Rimmel "glam eyes" mascara
Styli-style "carbon black" e/l

I got these today a the mall :D I was looking for "Brave new bronze" but sadly it was sold out so the m/a said "patisserie" was close to it, they do look similar but this one is a lustre and "brave new bronze" is a satinso I got it and the "Angel" lipstick I was just craving it so I got it too :D
**I forgot to mention that Patisserie is from the MAC Euristocrats II Collection :D**

That's it for thisweekend..I think :D
P.S. Sorry for all the hair in my I said new haircut sucks those hairs just wont stay down :(


lindah said...

I like the color combo :D and the "strike a pose rose" looks really pretty and pigmented! I loveee mac lipsticks.. which seems weird to me but I guess I'm getting older! LOL

KRYSTAL said...

i love the haul! i need to check out my big lots! do they sell alot of makeup products?

mszcheysser said...

Those are great purchases! CHEAP! Ahhh. And I love the MAC lippie's colors!

Nice FOTD! ♥

diana said...

cONGRATS on your first MAC lippies my dear!!! And you look hotness with the new hair! It totally looks so much better for you. Long or short hair, you look gorgeaous! Nice hauls hun! Oh let me know if the bronzer is good yah? Im really thinking of gettin the rimmel one. :)


Rai said...
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Rai said...

Love your haul as always!

I like your haircut, what's wrong?
But the look is so pretty!

Nice MAC lipsticks. I just bought my first two recently. lol

Arezu said...

Ooh nice haul! I wish we had a Big Lots & Target here in Canada :(

And congrats on your first lipsticks! Patisserie looks gorgeous!

Valerie said...

Angel is my fav lipstick EVER!! Its such a pretty shade of pink =) Patisserie... looks like I need it now =P

Fifi said...

Seriously, you picked gorgeous shades of the MAC lippies. I have yet to own a MAC lipstick :( I want one so bad!

I think it's cool that in the US people get to return things to the store. Here we can't do that, the policy always says something like "you cannot return what you bought once you leave our store". Sucks. :(

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