Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to: Homemade brush cleaner

all the things I need!!

So Igot this recipe from Enkore!!..check out his video here

or bottled water

this detergent gives u the pinkish color!!

mix it all together

now pour it into your choice of container!! I used this from my previous leave-in conditioner jar...

I had some left over so I used a container I had from walmart [99¢]

all ready to use ..i spilled some on the wrapperof the second jar that's why it looks funky!!

so here it is compared to my mac brush cleaner..I hope this helps and it saves some of us a couple of bucks!!


*Nehs* said...

wow! very helpful! thanks for this sofee! :))

Ai said...

thnx for the tips! i think i'm gonna try it on my own now! yaaay! :D

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

I need to boomark this! Save me a good $10.00! I love the mac one, but I need to start saving money. Do you find the dish detergent makes it all soapy and bubbly? Does it leave any residue on your brushes? I'm so bad at deep cleaning so I use my brush cleaning liquid a lot.

Melissa said...

What a neat mix. I just use baby shampoo by itself. leave in conditioner sounds like it will make my brushes softer. I should try it =) Btw, which lip swatches did you want. The MAC one or island girl or both?

Adrienne - said...

thanks for posting this. does enkore's mix leave a sticky residue? it kind of did for me, so i threw it out... let me know. i'll try it again.

Jasmin said...

Thanks, for sharing! I so need to do a clean up on my brushes soon.

lindah said...

Oh I want to try this! How do you use a brush cleaner? I've never tried the mac one before, I just usually wash my brushes when they get dirty, like every two weeks LOLLL

Katrina M said...

Great Job!!! i bet that smells good too!!!

Arezu said...

Ooh, how does it work? and does it take your brushes long to dry after you clean with it?

I bought the MAC brush cleaner for spot treatment, I love it when I use dark colours and I'm too lazy to clean my brushes and I need it for a lighter colour. And with the MAC one it doesn't take really long to dry, and it cleans it pretty well (:

But if this is an alternative, I'd love to try it (:

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