Monday, April 27, 2009

St.Ives & Posh Brush

I went to H-E-B and bought me a lil somethin!! I saw the St Ives products on sale, and I had been wanting to get a neew facial cleanser so since they were on sale I picked up the face wash and the Invigorating scrub..I love how the face wash feels after u wash it off.. so effing refreshing :D I also got a Posh angled blush brush, it's so pretty..I havent used it yet but if u have any questions on it feel free to the way I love the posh brushes but the ones that I've bought usually come all loose..the black part is so wiggly it feels like its gonna come most of the posh brushes I own have been super glued to secure them..after that they are perfect!! **just a little warning**

So we were initially supposed to get married on the first week of January but we never got around to it...with me working, robert working and going to school we really never had the we decided to ask for a day off and on friday we will be going to get our marriage license..I'm so happy..after 3 and 1/2 yrs of being together I think we know each others likes and dislikes and are more than happy to be getting hitched and spending godwilling the rest of our lives together!!! I am finally ready to be
Mrs. Lerma!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Depotting L.A COLORS Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow

I went to wal-mart today and I went to the craft section and saw a bead storing container[$6.96] and I thought hmmmmm could put my L.A Colors Loose Eyeshadow there..all i gotta do is open those stupid jars so i bought the storage containers and I got home and watched a video on youtube by MissSpero89 and I thought I can do that so I got my hammer and started doing what she was doing but I was making way too much noise and my hubby was trying to sleep so I just got a kitchen knife and just dug into the bottom lid..moving back and forth and snapped it was way easier by doing this...the lids aren't that hard to snap took me about 15 minutes to depot 12 of this is what I did!!!
BTW this is also and awesome vid on deppoting
pic from L.A Colors website
So I bought most of my loose e/s at Dollar tree and some at a dollar store down the street [at dollar tree they were $1 and at the other store they were about $1.50] and I havent used them in the longest time cuz it was too hard to get the product out by the way that they are packaged

So this is the bead containers that I comes with a total of 24 jars [$6.96] :D

this is how the bottom looks like

I got my jar ready with the label from the L.A colors jar..the labels are super easy to take off

this was my tool

I snapped the bottom lid off and just placed the new container on top of the L.A colors jar flipped it and just let the e/s drop by shaking it a little

it's all empty now...look at the horrible frustrating

It's now more convenient and ready to use :D

I depotted a total of 12 e/s I had

Finished Product!!!

This is how it looks from the bottom..some of the label names were black and some were looks so pretty, I cant wait to start using my loose e/s be ready to see some Eotd's using these pretty babies :D...
I hope this helped!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walgreens Haul and our Day at SIX FLAGS!!!

****PIC HEAVY****
Hey girlies so I went to walgreens 2 days ago and of course I got some makeup..I was having kind of a stressfull week so picking up some makeup always cheers me up :D I picked up some blush, lippies and an this is exactly what I bought!! I got the milani mineral blush in "mai tai"
It's so lovely I loved it!!

I was going to get luminous but I tought it was too light for me :(

I also got two wetnwild mineral blushes, I have two other shades and I love them so I decided to get some more

These are so awesomely pigmented...and for the price u sure can't go wrong

Two rimmel lippies..

"Dizzy" and "Birthday suit"

I got another jane gel e/l..they're on sale for only $3.50 :D

I got the color wine and awesome darkish purple

Today we went to Six Flags..I had so much first I didnt want to go cuz I wanted to sleep in and I was so afraid to get on the rides..this is actually the first time I've gone cuz I hadnt had the time to go:D

early in the morning with no makeup and kinda upset I was awake!! lol!!
we took a ride around the whole park in a railroad

this was the first big ride I got on!! I was soooo eyes were closed the whole time..screaming my head off

Our lunch break, we shared a slice of pizza cuz ,felt sick after going on a ride called
I sure was happy I didnt get on this after lunch, my lunch would have seriously come out!!
on this one only my babe and my sis in law's hubby got on..I was too scared :(
It takes u all the way up then drops u!! I was def too chicken for it :D

these are the two I didnt get to ride..but there will def be a next time
The boomerang and The Goliath

I thought this was a beautiful building
Leaving the park at 8PM

So we rode
Superman: Krypton Coaster
Bugs’ White Water Rapids
Crow’s Nest Ferris Wheel
Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters
The Gully Washer [twice]
The Hustler
The Power Surge
Tony Hawk’s Big Spin
Whistle Stop
S.S. Overboard

Overall we had an awesome day!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Lots, Wal-mart & Target Haul

I did some hauling this weekend :( I'm so disappointed in myself..I said I wasnt going to haul misc things but I just couldnt help myself!! GRRRRR!!! So I went to several places this weekend...this is what I bought at Big Lots!!! 2 revlon super lustrous shiny sheers: "sheer mauvy star "sheer dewy blossom" I also got a Revlon Super lustrous l/s in "softshell pink" A sally hansen mineral powder in "apricot glow, some e/l and some square pads to remove my make-up

here they are out of the boxes
BTW the e/l's are from a brand called [Diamond cosmetics] u girls have to try them they are so creamy...I cant believe they were only $2!!

this is what I picked up at wal-mart..Baby shampoo for my brushes, some body spray that smell amazing "Tahitian orchid", eyebrow shapers, eyelash curler and two rimmel blushes that I just had to try cuz Tammy recommended them..Thanx girl!!

here are some swatches!!

and and Target I bought these babies..I got inspired to buy them after I saw way too many good reviews on them..I was going to get one last last weekend but all they had was a ugly blue one with the packaging all jacked up so I was lucky to get these this past weeked..well I hope u girls like my haul...Questions??? LEt me know!!! Later girlies :D

Review!! Studio 35 Beauty Brushes

So I had promised a while back that I was going to review these Studio 35 Beauty Brushes that I purchased a while ago from walgreens so here it goes : D
I totally hurried on doing this for u jess!!! I hope u like it :D
Where I bought them: Walgreens
How much: $9.99
Foundation/Powder Brush
I love love love this one brush..I think it's my fave from all the I always carry this brush in my make-up bag, I use it to apply my finishing powder after I apply my foundation..This one brush is grabs the powder so well and it doesn't poke into the pressed powder like other brushes do..It applies evenly.Like I said I love it!!

Blush/Bronzer Brush
So at first I used this for my blush and I totally hated the way it applied my poked through my blush and hardly picked up any for blush def not!! but then I decided to use it for my foundation and I actually loved the way it applied my liquid foundation..but when I washed it the hairs on the brush got all tangled but it still works so this brush def has it's good and bad things

Eyeshadow Brush
Okay to be honest with y'all when I first saw this brush set this was the one brush that made me not want to buy it, I was like"why the hell is it shaped like this" but I now love this brush it is my second fave :D I mainly use it to apply my highlight and it does a great job doing that..I've washed it several times and it's still looking great so def love this one

Concealer Brush
This brush is a little too stiff for concealer well at least for me..I hate how it kinda pokes my undereye and for me this part of my eye is super sensitive, when I used it it actualy made my eyes watery form when it poked me : ( I mainly have been using it to apply my eyeshadow does a great job evenly spreading my base.

This is the way my brushes looked when I bought them...they basically look the same to me..and I have washed them several times.
They come with an insert giving you some awesome beauty tips :D
So overall I would say that the $9.99 that I spent on this brush set was totally worth it!!!
[So many uses with only 4 brushes!!!]
If u see this brush set at your local walgreens pick them up they are totally worth it
The last time I was at walgreens they were still for $9.99!! so hurry go!! lol!!!

Well I hope my mini review was helpful..If I didnt mention something u wanted to know let me know and I'll do my best to find u an answer.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I've been dying to try a look I saw in my IMAN book..It was a peacock look..So to achieve this look I used my 120 palette :D I felt like crap today..I had a sorethroat, runnynose, headache, and I felt so lazy..I slept till 2 in the afternoon and only cuz my hubby arrived from work..he had to knock on the window super hard so I could wake up & open the door..I was totally knocked out from the meds I took..I feel a little better but I still have the runnynose & sorethroat but N*E ways on to the look!!

for this look..I used all shimmer colors from my 120 palette
I used a gold, violet, blue, and emerald color

sorry about my messed up hair and attire!! Like I said I felt like crap all day :D
sorry for my nose being kinda kleenex irritated my nose :(

I used revlon matte l/s in "pink pout" with NYX round l/g in "sorbet"

This is a ll the stuff I used and my inspiration pic!!! Hope u likey!!!

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