Monday, April 27, 2009

St.Ives & Posh Brush

I went to H-E-B and bought me a lil somethin!! I saw the St Ives products on sale, and I had been wanting to get a neew facial cleanser so since they were on sale I picked up the face wash and the Invigorating scrub..I love how the face wash feels after u wash it off.. so effing refreshing :D I also got a Posh angled blush brush, it's so pretty..I havent used it yet but if u have any questions on it feel free to the way I love the posh brushes but the ones that I've bought usually come all loose..the black part is so wiggly it feels like its gonna come most of the posh brushes I own have been super glued to secure them..after that they are perfect!! **just a little warning**

So we were initially supposed to get married on the first week of January but we never got around to it...with me working, robert working and going to school we really never had the we decided to ask for a day off and on friday we will be going to get our marriage license..I'm so happy..after 3 and 1/2 yrs of being together I think we know each others likes and dislikes and are more than happy to be getting hitched and spending godwilling the rest of our lives together!!! I am finally ready to be
Mrs. Lerma!!!


mzkrystall said...

congrats on the marriage! and btw, i love posh brushes! =]

YingX said...

funny thing i just bought the St Ives Apricot scrub today too.

GiLiNG said...

first of all, congrats!

i ♥ st ives facial stuff.

Makeup Mama said...

congrats! you two make a gorgeous couple.

I really like the posh angled brush, but the kabuki sheds like MAD!

Sofee said...

@ ying: Great minds think Alike :D Thanx

@ giling: I love it too!! Thanx

@ makeup mama: I lve the angled brush too..I havent tried the kabuki's around $13, I think it's too big for me!! Thanx

LipStick Staiin said...

awww congrats sofee!! that is soo cute! gettin married!!! thats also a chapel.. better take pix! lol where u get the posh burshes at? kmart?


Chrissy said...

Congratulations with the wedding!! You two look so perfect together. :)

I like the St. Ives stuff, and I have the scrub myself, but my dermatologist told me not to use scrubs because it'd give me whiteheads. :/

GiLiNG said...

btw girl, i just tagged you ^_^
please check it out on my blog when you get the chance =).

mszcheysser said...

Awww! CONGRATS =) Good luck getting the marriage license!

Rai said...

I need some more St. Ives! =/


Tammy said...


Neeyuh said...

Aww Congrats!!! :D

Arezu said...

Congratsssssssss! That is so cute! (:

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

oooo posh brush! looks so soft! congrats the marriage!?! did you guys go friday?? I hope everything went gooood!

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