Sunday, August 01, 2010

E.l.f Haul from Target

OMG!!! I've seriously been lagging on this's been in my drafts for like 2 wks...Target had a display of a bunch of new Elf kinda looked like Christmas to me, so I couldn't help myself but pick up some things..

They had quite a few editions of The Elf encyclopedias so I have most of them except this one,which is this Eye brights edition

I love these duos, I bought some last year and they are amazing...

These are amazing too

I love these lipglosses..i have almost all of them

this is only $1!!! very pigmented and I adore it!

I bought this and went for a backup..that's how much I like it!!


Steph said...

ow, I wish my Targets had these ELF products! Great haul.

Jess said...

Awesome haul! I especially love the eyeshadows you got! Your swatches are awesome!

LINEA. said...

a grip of stufff! so jealous right now! lol

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