Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing with makeup!!!

so I spent all this weekend playing with my makeup and I did several looks but this one that was inspired by goluckygirl1 on YT...was my fave...
so here it is

My purple is not as dark though...

why the sad face??? well because nude lips & me don't get along...


What I used:
     NYX eyeshadow base
NYX JEP [Milk]
Giovi 42 e/s palette
120 e/s palette
NYC liquid e/l [Jet Black]
Almay e/l [Black]
Almay e/l [Purple]
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara
1st pic [Revlon Berry haute w/loreal colour juice grape]
2nd pic [Concealer & Revlon l/s Almost nude]
I have a mascara stain...ahhhh!!!

That's it Let me know what you think :D
Thanks for reading

Sunday, March 28, 2010

FOTD: Simple Smokey eye

Hey ladies I created this simple "Smokey eye" uaing only two e/s from the Wetnwild "Lust" palette

it took me like 5-10 min to finish the whole look

I didn't add any liner on my lashline [only on my waterline]...I think it still looks smokey....

What I used
I totallly forgot everything I used but I know I used
the color with the teal star on the crease [yes it comes out charcoal-like when u blend it] and the color with a pink star on the lid and the color with a green star as a highlight color

That's it....LMK what'cha think :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preview: Blog Sale

So I found that most of the makeup I dont like or dont use anymore is drugstore..y'all know I hardly buy "High-end" makeup..so let me know if y'all are still interested, so I cant post up the pics in detail :D
Maybe I'll be up for swapping too :D

NOTW: Wetnwild "Bite the Bullet"

Hey ladies just a quick post to show you my NOTW...I love these wetnwild megalast n/p so I got one more yesterday...its a pretty lavender shade...I really love it....

[applied two coats...Seche Vite as a top coat]

I really recommend these n/p...great texture and color payoff---Only $1.99!!

Thanks for Reading

Friday, March 26, 2010

VintageorTacky Inspired EOTD

Hey Ladies, Im here with another inspired look...I know I know another purple look? But what can I say I love purple.
This time I only did one eye since I was just playing around..I really liked the way it came out so I decided to show you all

So I watched a video on YT from VINTAGEORTACKY and I really liked the "daytime" version she did, she has amazing blending talent...so since I own the Wetnwild "Lust" palette she used I said why not???

click here to see her pics and here for her vid

N.Y.C Primer
Wetnwild [Lust] Palette
Maybelline line stiletto
Almay purple e/l
Fresh Supernova Mascara
Almay black e/l

I don't own blue gel liner so I used used black liner

and here is the palette...
I used the three colors on the left and the top color on the right.
...on my next post I'll show you another look I did using this palette

Thanks for Reading!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini MAC lippie Haul

Hey ladies so I've got another haul...I purchased some stuff from MAC out of their recent collections

English Accents, [Liberty of London] Loud & Lovely, & Richer, Lusher [Too Fabulous]

I oredered these off the MAC website..last time I do that it took forever to get here
I got the two cremesheen glasses after seeing a post from latinminx79

I also got Blooming Lovely [Liberty of London] from my local MAC store
it's gorgeous..I agree with all the comparisons to NYX's round lipstick in Power [it's identical]


oh and these I got from my local grocery store..you ladies know I love E.L.F....these lipglosses are so pretty and I love the smell

I was so excited to try this new palette from N.Y.C, it comes with it's own primer..which isnt too bad...it looks beige but goes on white on your eyelid.

the colors are super pigmented ans super blendable
the top white color is an illuminator it says to use it to change the colors of the e/s [haven't tried it yet]

swatched over NYC primer from palette above

and at BIG LOTS I got this Almay set..the pigmentation is great and the eyeliner is sooo prettty
the mascara is brown..which is good I guess because I don't have any brown mascaras.

swatches...swatched over NYC primer from palette above

oh and this NYX palette I got from my friend Steph...It was so nice of her to think of me...

well that's all ladies!
Thanks for Reading

Monday, March 22, 2010

FOTD: Blooming Spring :D

So I did a spring-ish kinda look, I used some very subtle colors...I was so excited to use my Blooming Lovely lipstick so I thought I would pair it up with a purple look.

I applied the l/s very lightly

What I used
Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel
Maybelline mineral power concealer
Maybelline mineral power foundation {Light 5}
E.l.f blush {Tickled Pink}
N.Y.C Primer from e/s palette I recently bought {haul pics coming soon}
Light Gray {from E.l.f palette}
Dark Gray {from E.l.f palette}
MAC e/s {Satellite Dreams}
Milani e/s {Shock}
Skin color highlight from N.Y.C palette
Revlon e/l pen {Black}
Revlon colorstay e/l {Black}
Rimmel Max Volume Mascara {Extreme Black}
Wetnwild eyebrow kit
MAC l/s {Blooming Lovely}

[close-up on the eye]

well this is all....I hope you like it....let me know what you all think,
Up next...My mini MAC haul

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Possible Blog Sale

So I've been thinking of having a blog sale..I just wanted to get feedback and see if you girls would be interested in purchasing some of my unused makeup :D Please let me know...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOT[other]D: Playful & Foxy Neutral Eye

So I did this FOTD a few days ago...I used two L'oreal H.i.P Duos, one in "Playful" and the other in "Foxy", these are the duos I bought from the CVS 75% off haul...they are sooo pretty..I loved them..I'm using them alot...

What I used:
Skin MD lotion
MAC studio finish concealer [NW 25]
Maybelline mineral power foundation[Light 5]
E.l.f Studio Blush [Tickled Pink]

NYX Jumbo e/s pencil [Milk]
Loreal Hip duo [Foxy]
Loreal hip duo [Playful]
Loreal Hip pigment [Restless]
Sally girl e/s [Champagne]
Loreal hip cream liner [black]
Rimmel Mascara
Wetnwild Ultimate brow kit

Revlon l/s [Pink in the Afternoon]
Mac l/s [Viva glam V]

Lately I've been going through a very neutral eye phase..I love chocolate browns..they look so pretty.
If you have any questions please let me know!!
Thanks For Reading!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Found Dupe for MAC Up the Amp Lipstick!!

 So guess what I found!!! So on my last drugstore haul I purchased a Revlon l/s in Berry Haute, once I swatched it I realized it looked alot like MAC Up the Amp...I swatched them next to each other and they look very close...not dentical on my hand but close enough...although on my lips they look exactly the same....so if you girlies are on a budget and need or want Up the Amp you might want to check out Berry haute first...also try other Revlon lipsticks...they have sooo many pretty shades..I myself prefer the cream formulas over the pearl formulas.

Don't they look the same???

they are almost identical, Up the Amp is a little creamier

Be sure to check out this lipstick, Revlon lipsticks are affordable..oh and don't forget drugstores have Buy One Get One Free deals.
I'll do lip swatches later.
*Thanks For Reading*

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sally Girl Baked e/s swatches :D

I had a request from a reader asking me if I could swatch my sallygirl baked e/s so here they are like most of you all know they don't have names only numbers...so I labeled them with #'s.

[Swatches are in order as pic above]
I swatched them dry without a base..if you use them wet or with a base they have awesome pigmentation....the camera flash kinda washed out some of the color becuase even dry they are pigmented.

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