Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preview: Blog Sale

So I found that most of the makeup I dont like or dont use anymore is drugstore..y'all know I hardly buy "High-end" let me know if y'all are still interested, so I cant post up the pics in detail :D
Maybe I'll be up for swapping too :D


Mandi said...

I'm sure many people would love the opportunity to snag some good deals on some drugstore stuff! It may be drugstore brand, but some of that stuff is still pricey. I'd like to see what you've got etc ;) Wouldn't be able to commit to buying til I had some more money tho =/

rayqueenbee said...

hey, if you got some HIP duos I dnt have, I'll buy jus let me know the ones you have. Also are those the ELF studio bronzers (with the 4 colors). I would buy them too.

ndoodles said...

I am definitely interested in one or two items... I would love to see what you have!

Erin said...

Hey i would love to see what else you have! Do you have any of the HIP lip balms? I heard they are really good. For some reason they are super hard to find in my city.

Vanilla said...

if u wanna swap with mine

Halifax said...

I'm more into drugstore stuff too, so post away. What are you in the mood for swapping for?

Orchid Moonchild said...

How many HIP Duos are you going to post up? I can never find myself buying them at full price. Except when they're on sale. :D

J-Ezzy said...

I love blog sales!!

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