Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Review: HollywoodBrushes

Hey ladies I am here with an exciting review, I was contacted by Hollywoodbrushes.com to do a review on their brushes..I love trying different brands of makeup brushes so I decided to do it.

Here is the set I received..I chose the 10pc Set (Red Color), I really love how the black and red look like together.
[FTC: Sent for free fo the purpose of a review] 

This is what the case they came in looks like closed...very sleek, trendy and compact.

Product Description
10 pcs high quality makeup brush set in a black trendy pouch! This is a portable cosmetic brush set that fits in most purses.

It includes:

• Powder brush
• Blush brush
• Foundation brush
• Smudge brush
• Large eyeshadow brush
• Small eyeshadow brush
• Eyebrow brush
• Lip brush
• Pointed Eye Liner Brush
• Mascara brush

Close up on the face brushes:
L-R Powder Brush, Blush Brush, & Foundation Brush

Close-up on the Eyebrushes:
L-R Smudge Brush, Large eyeshadow brush, Small eyeshadow brush, Lip brush, Eyebrow brush, Pointed Eye Liner Brush, & Mascara brush


Hair: Goat/Pony/Sable/Raccoon/ Taklon
Ferrule: Gloss black aluminum
Handle: Birch wood

• Brush Length: 8 inches (biggest brush)
• Pouch size: 9" x 3.5"

I really love these brushes...I love the feel, the design, & the quality...you get all your essential face brushes, plus a variety of eyebrushes, and a lip brush all for only $44.99..that's super cheap. Brushes do not come with an odor, this is very important to me because that is one of my pet peeves.

  • Blush Brush: This brush I adore for blush I love how it's fluffy on one side but flat sideways..it picks up color very nicely..I found it very strange that this one doesn't shed at all

  • Foundation Brush: This brush really surprised me, I usually don't like using foundation brushes for my foundation, I prefer using a stippling brush or sponges, this one I really like, it didn't soak up all the foundation like most brushes do and I didn't have any streaks left on my face..

  • Pointed eyeliner brush: I found it difficult to use this with cream or gel liner, it's best used with liquid eyeliner, I used it by dipping it in one of my liquid eyeliners, I just took out the applicator it came with.

  • Eyebrow brush: I love this for my eyebrows and specially to use with my gel or cream liners..I love how versatile this brush is.

  • Mascara Brush: I used to comb my eyebrows, I love how light it is.

  • Lip brush: This brush doesn't really come in handy for me since I use mostly lipstick and lipgloss out of the tube..I used it with some of my lip palettes and it's a little too flimsy, but it's ok.

  • Smudge brush: I love this brush, I use it to apply my highlight and adore it.

  • Large/Small eyeshadow brush: One of the best eyeshadow brushes I have tried so far..they pack on color so good and the fact that they are pointed help to apply shadow to your lower lashline.
Overall I really liked these brushes...my favorites would have to be the smudge brush, both eyeshadow brushes, blush brush & the eyebrow brush. The set is very convenient especially for a beginner in makeup, the only thing I found missing from this set is a blending brush,  I will definitely check out more of their brushes.

Thanx for Reading
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CHARRY said...

those brushes looks cute! :)

Klaudia ♡☮ said...

wow that is really exciting, good for you! and a very good review, honest and to the point :D

Maria Elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing. i always look into lip brushes but i know i would rarely use it, hehe.

Rai said...

They look nice! Great review.

Mellie said...

Very informative review! I definitely like the way that the black and the red look together. :) Thanks for the post!

JL ♪ GiLiNG said...

Wow what a great deal for fab brushes!
I want to try these, thanks for the review :)

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