Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Revlon Foundations and New E/L

I finally got to wear out my new grey target shirt I bought, I decided to go with a smokey eye look once again... it took me foreve to upload this post I was soooo lazy this weekend :(
My job has really been wearing me out!!


Look at my glitter earrings I love them!!

A kiss for everyone who supports my blog :D

What I used:
Revlon colorstay "true beige"
Revlon colorstay pressed powder "medium"
Nabi blush "Lilac"
Maybelline mineral power concealer

Elf Duo Eye Shadow Cream "Black Licorice"
Elf Quad "Drama"
L'oreal lineur intense "carbon black"
Styli-style e/l "carbon black"

NYX round L/S "thalia"
L'oreal H.i.P jelly balm "succulent"

So I did go to H.E.B this weekend and bought backup foundations, I got true beige revlon colorstay foundation and Natural beige Revlon colorstay active foundation and a styli style e/l pencil in carbon black. I will definitely be buying more of these styli style e/l's I love them!!!

well I guess this is all for this post...till later ladies!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love Revlon!! Mini Revlon foundation Review

Revlon has been coming out with the most awesome products!! I love their new matte collection plus, their Colorstay foundation has been awesome to my skin. Since I bought this foundation I swear I haven't broken out once. I love how it goes on smoothly and does last for a very good they have a great amount of shades to choose from and also very affordable..i bought mine for about $10, I think I might go buy a back-up this weekend cuz I love it so much. I think this time I might go a shade lighter cuz I have noticed the shade I have right now..{natural tan} is a little darker than my skin tone. So I might purchase the true beige one!!

**Need more here

On another note I'm thinking of buying my first MAC foundation, I figured since I spend so much money on d/s products here and there why not splurge on a good ladies this will be my first time actually going to a MAC store..shocked yes I know, Ive actually been kinda intimidated to go in when I go to the mall, so how does picking the right foundation go??? Do they offer help?? Please let me know :D Thanx in advance


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So i did this look on Sunday [2-22-09] using another elf quad in "drama" I believe. I took the close-up when I was ready to take off my make-up late @ night so this is why it looks kinda creasy :D

I'll post a pic of what I used Later!! kay!!

looks kinda ewwey but its ok :D

so i just bought these 2 shirts at target..what do u think??

and I also got these cute shoes :D

$20 Each great deal!!!!

Me & my hubby!! I luv u babe!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coastal scents MAybe haul!!!

I really really really really really want these items from coastalscents..I have been debating wheter I should get them or not and well I dont know I decided to do a post so that I could get some advice from u ladies :D THE STIPPLING BRUSH!!
I saw mixed reviews on this one..I really want it for my foundation and I want to any of u girls have this brush?? and what do u use it for??

I really reallly want this one too..but shoud i get the shimmer OR NO SHIMMER?10 PIECE PROFESSIONAL BLUSH PALETTE
Omg!!! I want this one so bad...look at all these beautiful colors!!!!
so please anybody give me some advice on whether I should purchase these beautiful items or not :D

**all PIX are from COASTALSCENTS .COM**

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend looks: Blue & Pink

Hi ladies,
Well today me & da hubby went out to eat some breakfast tacos @ one of our fave restaurants. We knew today was going to be a chill day so I just threw on some jeans and a for my make-up I decided to do a sweet pink look using my fave elf quad [pretty n'pink] so this is how it looked with no flash

and this one is with flash

this is an up-close look

what'cha think???

and also a close-up on my lips :D

So this is what I used:

maybelline mineral power concealer "light 4-5"
Revlon colorstay found in "Natural Tan"
Revlon colorstay pressed powder in "light medium"
NYX blush in "pinky"

elf shimmering facial whip in "pink lemonade" as a base
elf quad in "pretty n'pink"
L'oreal lineur intense
Revlon colorstay e/l in "black"
CG Lash blast
Revlon super lustrous l/s in "paparazzi pink"
Sallygirl l/g in "genie"

this is the look I wore yesterday when I went out to da movies with da hubby!!
I did a EOTD on this look already check it out here

and just a funny pic to finish this post...I'll ttyl purdy gurls :D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wetnwild Weekend haul


This past weekend my little sister came into town {she brought her baby..omg she is adorable} and we had some fun shopping, we went to walgreens and got our hands on some wetnwild..they were having a buy one get one free!! I got two mineral blushes(pinched pink) & (purely mauve), 2 nail polishes (460D (glitter) & 420B (pink)) and two e/l (dark brown) & (bronzed)

Blush I took from my lil sis..L'oreal (apricot kiss)

460D (glitter) & 420B (pink)

Swatches: 460D (glitter) & 420B (pink)

purely mauve, pinched pink, apricot kiss

I did her makeup but she has her pics in her camera and she hasnt sent them to ill do a post on her look for v-day later :D

TAgged by the lovely NEEYUH

So I was tagged by the lovely Neeyuh on the products I use at the moment so here it goes:

Shampoo: Garnier fructis

Condtioner: Garnier fructis

Styling products: Garnier fructis

Shower Gel: dont use any just reg bar soap

Body moisturizer: none

Deodorant: dove

Fake Tan: naturally tanned

Cleanser: marykay

Eye makeup remover: onyx makeup remover wipes

Exfoliator: dont use any

Primer: dont use any

Foundation: revlon colorstay [natural tan]

Foundation brush: posh found brush

Concealer: maybelline mineral power

Powder: revlon colorstay

Blusher: L'oreal apricot kiss

Bronzer: none at the moment

Highlighter: elf studio blsuher/bronzer

Eyeshadow base: loreal decrease

Eyeshadows: all of them

Eyeliner: loreal lineur intense and jan gel e/l

Eyelash curler: mary kay

Eyelash base: none

Mascara: cg lash blast

Lipstick: nyx thalia

Lipgloss: sally girl curfew

Nail Colour: none @ da moment

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Revlon lippies

I went to walgreens to today to buy some flu med for my baby because he is sick..I am so effin pissed cuz @ work they were supposed to give him a half off flu shot and they never he got sick..Im so sad, so while I was there I obviously picked up some make-up..I saw a bogof on revlon lippes so I picked up these two..I got some super lustrous l/s, I didnt get any more of the matte ones cuz I have all the pretty shades already JUST ENOUGH BUFF & PAPARAZZI PINK




Friday, February 13, 2009

Sexied up Valentine's Day look

I went for a darker and edgier look...I used two hip duos once again!! I used wicked and brazen

Complete LOOK

Still curling my hair!!

and this is how my eye m/u looks

Products I used!!

and just a little extra pic I created on

Thursday, February 12, 2009

beyonce---> Halo ----> Rin on the rox

HAlo---by beyonce this is my fave song right now!!

these girls sing awesome!!! RIN ON THE ROX!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YAY I got it...

So I just bought the l'oreal paris lineur intense..and i'm not gonna lie..I am pretty bad at lining my eyes with liquid eye always comes out good and the other one is all jacked up..with this e/l it makes it alot easier to line my eyes :D I bought at H-E-B, It was kinda weird that all the l'oreal packages where taped

So I did this look last night using two of my HiP duos..I used flashy and showy

as a base I used elf duo e/s cream in blueberry..So I used the right side of flashy all over the lid and right side of showy on the crease..I added a bit of the wnw wicked on the outer v to make it a little darker :D

What I used:
HiP duo showy, maybelline colossal, blueberry elf duo e/s cream, wnw wicked, HiP duo flashy

SO ladies let me know what u think!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's in my...

makeup bag!! Well Ive seen several blogs with this post so I decided to do one also
so let's get started!!
First of all this is my make-up bag..I bought it at ross for like $4 I believe..
[side view]


So I usually carry my maybelline mineral power foundation, concealer, & kabuki brush, Revlon colorstay pressed powder, and my NYX blush

since I got my thalia round lippie I always carry it in my make up bag [thanx Tammy]
carmex, elf candy shop l/g {mocha maniac}, sally girl l/g {curfew}--->goes great with thalia
L'oreal HiP j/b {succulent}

for my eyes..usually I dont carry any e/s..just mascara and black liners

as for brushes I carry posh powder brush, blush brush and studio 35 stippling brush {review coming soon}

so I thought I'd show u how thalia & curfew look like together..isn't it lovely :D

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