Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coastal scents MAybe haul!!!

I really really really really really want these items from coastalscents..I have been debating wheter I should get them or not and well I dont know I decided to do a post so that I could get some advice from u ladies :D THE STIPPLING BRUSH!!
I saw mixed reviews on this one..I really want it for my foundation and I want to any of u girls have this brush?? and what do u use it for??

I really reallly want this one too..but shoud i get the shimmer OR NO SHIMMER?10 PIECE PROFESSIONAL BLUSH PALETTE
Omg!!! I want this one so bad...look at all these beautiful colors!!!!
so please anybody give me some advice on whether I should purchase these beautiful items or not :D

**all PIX are from COASTALSCENTS .COM**


AnnaCampana said...

the stippling brush is cool and all but it has shed pretty bad over the past couple of months... AND the handle broke off. i use it for foundation.. but its not as good as it was when i first got it!

i reallly reaallly want the blush palette and the contour palette from coastal scents and a but load of brushes. as for the 88... dont you already have the 120? i think it might be about the same.

Rai said...

You could find a lot of this on Ebay
with more affordable prices.

Makeup Mama said...

Hey girl, I defititely that you should get them, so we can see what you do with them! But if you could only choose one, I think you'd benefit most from the 88 e/s palette cuz it seems like you love to play up your eyes with colour, you'd have endless possibilites with this puppy! Happy shopping :)

PS. Your layout reminds me of a chocolate frosted cake with sprinkles!

abby =) said...

hey miss thanks for stoppin by all my jesse's girl quad is available as well as 2 trio's :)

Anonymous said...

i don't have anything from cs, but i think any of the palette would be nice to have.

as for the stippling brush, i have the MAC 187, so that should be the same??? anywho, most definitely get one!! you can use it for ur blush, powder and of course ur foundation!

glossifyed said...

I hear the brush sheds alot as someone already mentioned above. I would recommend you to buy the 88 palette. Some people complain that its too small, but the colours are beautiful and so pigmented that you dont need to use alot. plus theyre so CHEAP!!! :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

i really want the blush palette tooo!!!

Tammy said...

I love my blush palette!! It makes me break out if I don't wear anything underneath it though.

abby =) said...

hey miss with the shipping and everything it's 20.00 thats for all the j/g quads and 2 nyx trios that i have left. i just charged you the 3.00 for ea. bundle instead of an additional .50 ea. hope thats ok.

Tammy said...

FYI- I just read on makeup by ren ren that a website called stars makeup haven has these same palettes for cheaper.

subdued FiFi said...

I got my 88 palette from eBay. =)
and yep, I think you should get the blush palette. it's gorgeous.

Makeup by ReRe said...

I received my blush palette from coastal scents last week and it was worth every penny. You can't tell from the pics but these colors are gorgeous and have a great variety of shades from purples n peaches to browns and pinks. LOVE IT!

I have the 88 matte palette, which I also love but you definitely need a really good base under these or they fade pretty quickly. They are very blendable and pigmented! Beautiful greens, my fave!

You can find these exact same palettes at for a little bit cheaper. I have had defects in both of my coastal scents orders but they are really good about customer service and making sure you get taken care of.

Hope that helps!

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Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I personally & honestly didn't like the coastal scents stippling brush. =P it's too flimsy! especially if you're going to stipple your foundation on, if you plan on just swirling your foundation on i guess it's alrite, but i wouldn't recommend it. :P i use ULTA's Highlighter Brush (dunno why it's called that, but it's a stippling brush) & i bought it when they had a BOGO! if you buy it during that time it's definitely a steal! =] it's more so a dupe of MAC's 187... look up more reviews of it on =]

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