Tuesday, February 03, 2009

EOTD: Neutrals + MIni Haul

So I went to walmart yesterday and I hauled..just a tiny bit...I bought another revlon lippi called "pink about it" and a revlon concealer/highlighter [which I didnt like and returned today], I also purchased a BEAUTY STROKES wet/dry concealer brush..which I'm still trying to get the hang of cuz I usually dont use a brush..I'll let u'all know how that goes!!

So I did this look today using my goodies sent by Krystal...I hope u all like it..I was just looking at all the pretty colors I had so I said why not try it out..so here is my final result...let me know what u think!!

I used the eyeshadows she sent...all such pretty colors
Jane gel e/l
cg Lash blast
revlon color stay e/l :D


Miss Undastood said...

Lovely look girl!! Those shadows look beautiful on you. I like the way you mixed them. Im glad you liked your haul. I did not forget about the NYX lippies...just gotta have the time and money to get them but I WILL get them for you because you cannot beat 99 cents.

Neeyuh said...

That pink lippie looks like it will be a hot color on! Pretty look you did! I like those colors alot.

Neeyuh said...

RYC-I might have to check it out, I'm trying to find a good hot pink color since I haven't gotten to MAC to look at other suggestions I've got. I use the Loreal Carbon black lineur intense. I did a review on it awhile back but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it's totally my HG. It's really easy to apply and has great control. Walmart has it for a pretty good price around $7-$8.

Somaly said...

hey girly. was cruising along the blogs. and ran into yours. if you are interested in some contacts. check out the blog. ounsreysomaly.blogspot.com

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