Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's in my...

makeup bag!! Well Ive seen several blogs with this post so I decided to do one also
so let's get started!!
First of all this is my make-up bag..I bought it at ross for like $4 I believe..
[side view]


So I usually carry my maybelline mineral power foundation, concealer, & kabuki brush, Revlon colorstay pressed powder, and my NYX blush

since I got my thalia round lippie I always carry it in my make up bag [thanx Tammy]
carmex, elf candy shop l/g {mocha maniac}, sally girl l/g {curfew}--->goes great with thalia
L'oreal HiP j/b {succulent}

for my eyes..usually I dont carry any e/s..just mascara and black liners

as for brushes I carry posh powder brush, blush brush and studio 35 stippling brush {review coming soon}

so I thought I'd show u how thalia & curfew look like together..isn't it lovely :D


Vanessa M. said...

nice!! maybe i should do one liek this too? hmm but love that lippe combo!

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

nice lippie! i love that m/u bag, so cute!

Rai said...

Nice. Cute bag!
I love those e.l.f. lipgloss tins.

Yas said...

Love your taste Sofia! Your bag is so cute! And that lip color combo is heavenly on you!

Katrina said...

Great post!! i don't carry e/s too..

Bella said...

Girl - you are ready for any disaster with that bag!!!!
Love the ELF lip tins as well!

Jess said...

I adore everything cute & girlish like your beauty pouch! ;)


LINEA. said...

how do the L'oreal HiP j/b work? i wanted to get one, but i have to many lipgloss and never use them, expect one of my favorite.

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