Monday, February 09, 2009

Inspired Valentines Day LOOK!!

So I got inspired to create this Valentine's day look for 2 reasons...First reason was from seeing Temptalia's look ..It was so pretty I thought it would be a great V-days look and the 2nd reason is because everybody is doing a v-day look, I wanted to do one too :D
I am wearing all I could look nice and sweet

So this is the look I created..I used hot pink all over the lid, orange in the inner corner, purple and a light pink on the crease..I lined my lower lash line with jesse's girl e/l in "frosted blue"

and this is all the stuff I used:
Face: Revlon Colorstay "natural tan"
Nyx blush "pinky"
Lips: Revlon matte "pink pout"
elf lip plumping glaze "baby doll"
Eyes: revlon colorstay e/l "black"
Covergirl Lashblast
L'oreal H.i.P cream e/l "black"
Jesse's girl e/l "frosted blue"
rimmel e/l "pure white"
Questions???Comments...Let me know!!


GirlAboutTown said...

i love how you blog about the regular drugstore makeup instead of just MAC cus honestly, in this economy...not much of us could afford MAC! LOL most of my makeup is Drugstore makeup and i LOVEEEE it cus it works just as well if not better <3

Anastacia Park said...

I love this pink-ish look :)Looks very romatic and very cool for VD :]

GirlAboutTown said...

haha honestly, that was the most MAC makeup i ever got...i've been saving like a stingy scrooge just for those because they are sooo cute!! =] poor wallet has tiny flies coming out of it b/c it's so empty...LOL

Makeup Mama said...

very sweet look! and thanks for the comment on my, everyone is doing a valentine's look and I feel left out!

Kimberly Tia said...

awwww your valentine's look is sooo lovely! and gasp she STILL has the same LAYOUT!!!!

this on by far has been my favorite!!!

Rai said...

Very pretty!
I love LA Colors. :]

*Nehs* said...

you look so pretty in pink! loves it. btw, what do u used to apply your revlon foundie sofee? sponge or hands? thank u!

M said...

really nice vday look! the pink e/s is lovely!

FuN and MakeUp said...

purple looks great on u =) btw.. nice blog layout!

Anonymous said...

awww sofee!!! be my valentine!! hehehe

perfect vday look!!

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