Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Babe's B-day!!

Today is my love's 27th B-day!!! I'm so excited, awww *sighs* how time flies by, I remember the day i met him like it was just yesterday, but N*E ways we still don't have any set plans on what we are going to do today, but I do know whatever we do we are going to have the best time. Yesterday he told me he didn't want anything "special" but that's probably just code for I want something special so I'll think of something to do for him, Well I'll post up some pics later of how our day goes! Bye :D


jeSmakeup said...

awww.. i hope u guys have a good time together =) thanks for droppin by my page! stay in touch<3 xoxo

jeSmakeup said...

yes u should def. give it a try! its soft enough! even my bf said its pretty soft just not AS SOFT lol worth 2 bucks tho =P

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