Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips pics + swatches

Hello ladies!!
So today I have a very exciting purchase, a few days ago I purchased these new maybelline lip balms called "Baby Lips"

Quenched, Grape Vine, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss

all of them except the one in Quenched give off very good pigmentation, I've already tried all the ones I bought and luv them all, my fave so far is Pink Punch!

Here are some swatches, I really hope everyone tries these, I highly recommend them, they are definitely worth the purchase, they run from about $3-4 [depending on where you buy them]...and if the price doesn't reel you in, the super super cute packaging will!

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socialitedreams said...

extremely cute packaging...i want to try these for sure

Miss Tapia said...

I have Pink Punch but I haven't tried it. Now I'm excited since the color looks so cute!

Nessa ♥'s Makeup said...

I so need to go get these! Thanks for the swatches. :)

Courtney said...

I`ve been wanting to try these out. Thanks for posting swatches. :]

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