Sunday, August 15, 2010

LOTW: Rimmel London Moisture Renew l/s: Vintage Pink

Hello Ladies so I am kicking off my LOTW [Lip of the Week], with Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in Vintage Pink...So I have to confess that when I first bought this lipstick I wasnt so trilled about it, I mean I LOVED the color I just had a BIG problem with the scent...but since I love the color and the texture SO much I decided to make it before I apply this lipstick I make sure I apply a lipbalm that has a scent to my liking then I apply the lipstick and to tone down the scent a bit more I sometimes apply a lipgloss over it..

In this case I applied an NYC extreme lipglider lipgloss in Park Avenue Pink....

FYI: I will feature a lipstick or lipgloss by itself and other times I will have a combo of both...

I hope you enjoy these New posts that I will be doing...and as always let me know what you think..

Have you tried any of these two products?


icosmeticRN said...

gorgeous color!! you de-scent lip sticks...all you do it twist up the lipstick and leave it un covered for 24 hours..that should take away most of the scent and it won't dry out the lippie..just put it in a safe place so it won't fall over!!


Josh said...

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icosmeticRN said...

BTW..I just tagged you to do a happy 101 was so much fun to do..I hope you will do it!

Miss Yaya said...

I like it! I will get the gloss!

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