Sunday, August 29, 2010

Really Huge Collective Haul [Super PIc Heavy]

So I did alot of hauling..these are products I've bought in the last couple of months but just haven't gotten around to posting them....I hope i don't bombard you girls with too many pictures...Some things I was too lazy to swatch so let me know if you need swatches :D

So here is my haul from MARK...I got two foundations, a bronzer, a blush palette and a lipgloss

I got the liquid foundation in "Natural" and the lipgloss in "Mango Tango", bronzer in "Pro Golden"
and just the case for the blush not the blush [blush is Star glo] and the powder buff foundation is in "Natural" 

 These eyeshadows I got at the Dollar tree,
TOP[l-r] Black, Purple, Teal,
BOTTOM[l-r]  Beige, and Gold

 At Ulta I got a double ended brush from Studio Basics, a NYX trio, and and Urban Decay set it included The Ammo palette and a fullsize Eden Primer potion

 NYX trio in Purple/Deep Purple/Prune

Ammo palette and Eden primer potion 

 Wetnwild eyeshadow duos
TOP[l-r] I dream of Greenie, Iris I was Rich, Sky's the Limit,
BOTTOM[l-r]  Blue my Mind, Tequila Surise, Eye Bruise Easily, Caffeine Fix

 These next things I got from Target...
I forgot to take a close-up of the Maybelline blush

Two NYC glosses one in Park Avenue Pink & the other in Chelsea Rose 

 No7 blush "Candy Pink"

 L'oreal H.i.P duo "Reckless"

[l-r]  Chelsea Rose, Park Avenue Pink, Candy Pink, True Peach, Reckless

 These I got at CVS

 NYC city duets
[l-r] Manhattan Mist, Island Sunset

 Yummy flavors of Lipsmackers

 Revlon colorburst l/s "Soft rose" Revlon Superlustruos l/s "Pink Velvet"

EOS lipbalm

I peeled off the name by accident...

[l-r] Manhattan Mist, Island Sunset 

 these i got at Walmart...

 I got another Maybelline e/s trio in "Neautral Liaisons"

 Rimmel Moisture renew l/s in Mauve swatch Sorry :(

and I got my hands on these Walgreens set I had my eye on for a while..I finally got super persuaded after I saw Tammy rave about how awesome they were...

 and this is my 1st order from Nonpareleil boutique...OMG they have super quick shipping I'm definitely ordering from them again

 I got three blushes...
TOP[l-r] Rose Petal, Boho Chic {Cream blushes}

TOP[l-r] Rose Petal, Boho Chic {Cream blushes}

[l-r]Wetnwild l/s Sunset Peach, Tokyo A Pink-Pink, & LA Girl l/s Secret Admirer, Forbidden Love

[l-r] Sunset Peach, Tokyo a Pink-Pink
[l-r] Secret Admirer, Forbidden Love

[l-r] Femme, Pandora, Circe, Indian Pink, Pumkin Pie, Orange Soda

1st row Femme, Pandora
2nd row Circe, Indian pink
3rd row Pumkin Pie, Orange Soda

Purple smokey eye kit

Sephora blushes

Mac Select cover-up concealer

Lastly another Ulta haul

Essence stamping kit

NYC Custom compact In "Berry Bloom"

and I got these four blushes NYC LE Blush "", Benefit Coralista, Essence Surfer babe blush, and a sample Cargo bronzer in "Medium

Thanks for Reading :D


ndoodles said...

WOW that is a big haul but awesome haul! So many things I would've bought too. I didn't know those WnW duos exist!!! I want them!! ha ha.

AnNeTtEe said...

wow!! that is a humongous haul!! LOL... **jealous! I've been curious about the MAC select cover up concealer... lemme know how u like it...

GlossQueen said...

Wow, what an amazing haul! Enjoy your new goodies.

Tammy said...

It looks like you got some great stuff lately!! I hope you like the brush set, I think it's awesome. =)

KRIS said...

WOW! awesome haul! can you do a review on the Essence stamping kit? I've been looking in to getting it but I wonder if its worth the drive to Ulta. Thanks in advance!

PrincessBritt said...

Amazing! You got some good stuff. I too never seen the WnW duos..gotta check that out!
Wondering: when it comes to drugstore makeup shopping, have you ever tried Prestige? It's nice colors & great pigment! xoxo

Silver Lips said...

Great Haul!!!!

Courtney!;* said...

my jaw just dropped from this haul! please don`t tempt me to head to CVS & Ulta! lol. &pretty please let us know how your stamping kit works out for you, i been wanting to get one. :]

Lyn said...

omgosh your haul def makes me want to break my 10 pan!!! aaahhh so many goodies!!!

3ate4 said...

Some great products you got!

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