Saturday, March 28, 2009

Avon L/S [swatches] + New Book

I stopped by an Avon store today and omg there were so many goodies..I only picked up these 3 lippies cuz the store was almost closing...So what did I pick up, I got these three lipsticks, they were $3.99 each. I also brought home a catalog so I just might place and order but I don't know yet since this month it's kinda hectic for me since we're in the process of moving out...I HATE MOVING!!! Too much stress!!!
So these are the 3 colors I got....Berrylicious, Flower, & Sunset Rose

The colors looked kinda weird swatched on my arm so I decided to do actual lip swatches

On the way home my hubby wanted to stop at the The Half Price Bookstore and guess what he bought me the book I wanted.."The Beauty of Color IMAN" I am so excited to have this book...I had been wanting it for a while I'm glad to have it :D

So this is what I did to myself today..nothing fancy just blush, e/l, lip balm, and mascara...I wasn't too energetic for make-up...So I guess this is all for now...questions, comments..let me know!!!


Nanzy said...

oh great colors!!! very bright & spring-y =) good luck with moving, Sofia!!!

Rai said...

They have an Avon Store?! lol
OMG! Moving is not fun, maybe I'm just kinda lazy. haha.

My sister has that book.

Jess said...

Oh, the lipsticks look great on your full lips!

I love sunset rose the best! ;)

Katrina M said...

all 3 looks amazing!! berrylicious looks delicious!!

Neeyuh said...

Nice swatches!! Wow berrylicious looks awesome, it's so bright!

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