Friday, March 13, 2009 & Walgreens Haul

I am so happy that I finally received my cherryculture haul!! I received it yesterday but since my mailbox in my apts is too small they dropped it off at the front office and when I got home from work yesterday they were already closed so I had to wait till today to pick it up....I am so glad I finally got it cuz I was almost having an anxiety attack cuz it was taking too long...I am going to show u girls my haul from cc and from walgreens..lots and lots of pics!!!

So this is how they were are nicely wrapped:D

I got mostly nyx lippie stuff,
Amuse chocolate lipgloss,nyx round lipstick, nyx round lipgloss, nyx megashine lipgloss

ok so as my free gift I received this Amuse chocolate l/g...{it's so kute}, I ordered 3 round l/s cuz like most of y'all I am obsessed and in love with them!!

I decided to give their round l/g another try cuz I heard they had fixed their stoppers!! the ones I currently own have the stopper messed up [it pops out] so far so good no popping stopper

I had been wanting to buy these for the longest time..they are so cute and pigmented, plus they're huge!!

I also got three wild and crazy singles!!! These omg surprised me, they are super pigmented, the swatches below are done without a base...and also got the NYX concealer in a jar in "medium"

I went to walgreens last intentions were to buy some ECO-TOOLS m/u brushes but sadly they didnt have the ones I wanted :(, SO I ended up buying some other stuff, I saw the L'oreal H.i.P lip products on a bogo so I picked up two jelly balms...and from wnw I got a single e/s in cream and one of those new gel e/l in eggplant..I dont really like the consistency of the gel liner [it's too greasy]

So these are some of the new products I got my hands on..any questions..let me know!! HAve a good day ladies..I'm off to enjoy my day off from work!! YAY ME!!!


Rai said...

Woo look at all those lippies!!
Wild & Crazy and an awesome brand.
My local beauty store has their stuff for mostly 99 cents.

I can't wait to get my package.

Makeup Mama said...

*drools* you can never have enough lippies!

btw, love your blog's new look!

Sofee said...

to rai: u r so lucky to have those wild and crazy products for so cheap!!!

to makeup mama: ur right u can never have too many!!! it's my obsession right now LD

Neeyuh said...

Wow nice haul!! I'm totally drooling over all the lippies, such pretty colors! =)

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Argggghhhh.... My no hauling challenge is driving me CrAzY!! This post is like XXX PORN XXX.
Don't you hate when your package comes then the office closes or they need your signiture & you gotta go to UPS or FedEx to pick it up!!! Eww

*Nehs* said...

wow! very nice haul sofee! I love NYX lippies.

Anonymous said...


u r like the queen of lippies!! oh yes you are!!

Nanzy said...

great haul!!! I'm drooling over the round lipgloss and Wild & Crazy singles...=)

Vanessa M. said...

Wow I've never seen lousisiana! I want I want!!!

PiinkCupcakez said...

nice haul.. love the dolly pink!

Bella said...

Hey hermana!!! Great post.
I just gave you an award. check it out here:

Katrina said...

Im drooling! I recently had made a purchase from cherryculture and now im sitting by the door alll day waiting!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! :)

Katrina said...

Girl, I placed my order on the 11th. I hope it comes soon. Did it take long for you to get your package??

Katrina said...

You would not believe it, I just checked my mailbox and it was there!!!!!!!!

LipStick Staiin said...

u look good wit red lipsticks!! goes wit you welll xoxo

this is


Rai said...

I picked up a Wild and Crazy eyeshadow today and I totally love it.

It's in Ginger Powder!
It's like a purplish brown.

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