Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Smokey red look..using my forgotten 120 e/s palette

So I did this look today using my forgotten 120 e/s palette...I decided to do a red smokey look since Ive never done a red look and since I'm loving the smokey eye look I decided to smoke it out...let me know what'cha think :D

So the 3 main colors I used for this look were red obviously, brown, black and white!!!

after I primed my lids with loreal decrease I applied my highlight using my whit e/s, then I applied brown on the crease, the red all over the lid, and black on my outer v and lower lash line to smoke it out :D

for lips I used NYC cafe l/s [i used this lippie after reading about it in Emely's blog.beauty broadcast]topped with and L.A Colors l/g

Everything I used:
Maybelline Define a lash, L.A Colors in beige [concealer], Elf Clear Mascara [brows], NYC l/s in cafe, L.A colors l/g [dont rember name], l'oreal lineur intense [felt tip], Loreal decrease and of course my 120 e/s palette.

Well I hope u ladies like my EOTD, let me know what u think..wtyl!!


Makeup Mama said...

I really like it! I rarely see anyone use red. And I LOVE that lippie, I think I'll have to search for it, but we don't get as many colours in canada (BOO!)

makemeup said...

nice look! I just order mine 120 palette and still waiting for it to arrive home!!!

Rai said...

I did something similar when I first got my palette. lol

I love those two lippies together.

FuN and MakeUp said...

u made that palette work good! i have it.. but i think it sucks.. mayb its just me.. im not good with my makeup yet... sigh** also i think some of the shadows r too powdery..

Tammy said...

What a great look! Reminds me of something JRose would do, she loves red!! The lippie is perfect on you!

Tammy said...

What a great look! Reminds me of something JRose would do, she loves red!! The lippie is perfect on you!

Vane. said...

Love this look, I need to get me one of these pallets. They have great colors.....

Sofee said...

for Makeup Mama: I had the nyc lippie and I hardly use it,,I think I might use it more often now

for Rai: I love the lip combo also

for makemeup: when I first got this palette It came broken I was so upset :(

for tammy: I think I may love red too

for funandmakeup: I totally agree on them being too powdery I used the red wet

for Vane: just make sure u buy it from a good seller on ebay :D

Chantel Dolay said...

beautiful! where is that e/s palette from?

Yas said...

That is gorgeous how that turned out! The blending is awesomeness too!

miemiemie said...

your eyes are very pretty,especially your natural eye color :) even the lips are to die for! thalia is okay i guess..but sometimes it makes my lips too purple?

xo_Deja said...

nice make up on the eyes!! I have the same palette sorta!! =]

Neeyuh said...

i really like this not many girls do red looks but you rocked it! =)

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