Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving my make-up to my new apt!!!

So this weekend we have been moving stuff to our new apt and I am being so careful on how i handle my make-up this is how I packed it..I just put the mini drawers in the boxes!! so in this first box I put 3 drawers , my brushes, mirror, & misc stuff

and here are 2 more drawers and my np collections!!
So we wont officially move out till wednesday so these babies are staying here with me till we are def settled over there...I love them so I can't leave them alone :D


LaaLaa said...

love the layout honey its real beautiful. I like how u moved ur makeup - u made sure that stuff was careful packed and wrapped =)

Katrina M said...

i see all the lippies!!!

Neeyuh said...

Great way to pack everything! I did the same with my makeup I waited until the last trip cuz I had to have it all with me! lol. I hope your move goes well!! :)

Vanessa M. said...

ahh id be so scared! lol

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