Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review: E.l.f. Duo Eye Shadow Cream

Where I bought these and for how much??
I bought them online on the elf website for $1 a piece

What the elf website states:
Express yourse.l.f. with the easy to blend, crease resistant, creamy duo eye shadow colors. Each gorgeous shade can be worn alone or together for a dramatic effect. The soft-blending formula can also be layered under powder eye shadow to set the color in and keep it lasting vibrant all day.

Apply shadow to upper eyelid, blending in the lighter shade to illuminate and the darker shade for contouring and lining to achieve desired effect.

What I love about them:
In my opinion I love these they are a perfect base..the loose eyeshadow really grab on to these, for a dollar a piece i couldn't have made a better purchase, ..the colors within the duos go very well with each other. My fave is olive...why cuz I love the green in this duo..I would actually compare these to my revlon cream shadows..they almost have the same consistency..to check out swatches for revlon creme shadows..click here,
so if u dont mind spending $1 on a really good base for their price dont be afraid to pick up these duo creme e/s form elf

What I don't love:
They do crease alot..u have to keep these below ur crease in order to avoid this problem and also use a primer first..also while swatching I noticed that mocha swirl, butter pecan and berry mix look alot alike so i would recommend just picking out one out of these three. The other three do have very pretty different shades..

So on to the swatches!!!

swatches with flash

swatches with no flash

swatches with flash

swatches with no flash
Well I hpe this review was helpful to anyone out there who is thinking of getting their hands on some of these e.l.f. Duo Eye Shadow Cream!!
Have a good night ladies!!!


Yas said...

OK beautiful you have me sold on the blueberry color with my next order. I'm sure you are going to come up with some more hot looks with those! Have a great week hun & thank u for the swatches lovely!

Neeyuh said...

Thanks for the review!! I always wondered about these but if they crease they most likely won't work for me since I have oily lids sux too cuz they're pretty colors.

Rai said...

I own two and I love them!
Personally they don't crease on me.

I don't have oily eyelids.

Anonymous said...

those are some great colors. too bad it'll crease on my oily lids!! it'll be nice to find a base that isn't $17+...

Vanessa M. said...

cool! i tried these before and me nolikeylol my lids are too oily for this texas weather! lol

Bella said...

I find they do not crease if you apply primer (as we all should of course) and tap the brush before applying!!

Thanks for the reviews Sof!!! I love e.l.f.

YingX said...

wow, they are really pigmented.

- - aika - - said...

do they still crease if used as base color for the e/s?

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I guess I'll add them to my wishlist ::pouts::.... Dang no makeup buying challenge!!! I love your new background by the way!

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