Thursday, December 04, 2008

Another Walgreen's Haul??? + Swatches

Yesssss..another haul from walgreens...well we were mainly going to buy some water bottles that they had on sale for like $3 but u know me I had to get me some more goodies, they are having a great sale @ walgreens. I saw BOGOF on H.i.P, revlon, & rimmel + the 40% off physician's formula...well on to the stuff i bought: 2 H.i.P e/s duos in "gunmetal" & "spirited"
1 H.i.P jelly balm in "succulent"
2 revlon creme shadows in "va va va bloom" & "spirited"
2 Jordana lip shines in "candy" & "piña colada"

I loved loved these they are so creamy and they blend verywell!!
I swatched them w/no primer or base & look at how bright they are :D

swatched w/white e/l base
this is my first jelly balm it smells so pretty!!

I love the candy lip shine

OHHH BTW I forgot to mention that the last time I went to walgreens I got a $5 coupon for a H.i.P Jely balm so i ended up paying like $3-4 and this time I got a nother $5 coupon..I might end up giving it to my friend though..well that's my haul..hope u like it!!


Kristine said...

do u use primer on your swatches before applying them? they look so good on your skin..

Yas said...

Candy looks really nice! Nice ds haul mama!

jeSmakeup said...

nice haulage...

Vanessa M. said...

wow!! you got nice colors!!1 i want moree!!!

LINEA. said...

i've bee eyeing the revolns, now seeing them in swatches i just might!

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