Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Makeup station!!!!

I saw at post from nehs showing her make up station so i decided to post my own cuz i told her I was gonna do one too....so I made my own kinda "vanity" from a desk that we dont use!! so here it is :D I have most of my makeup on da desk and only palettes on the top drawer of the large container!!

MY SO CALLED "vanity"

only the first drawer of the blue container has makeup palettes... the rest is misc stuff

and this where most of my make up is at!! So this is my make-up station..how does urs look like?


*Nehs* said...

yey! u did it. great collection and make up station!;)

Anonymous said...


Ooooh makeup....Nice Collection!!

Your makeup station is just like my bestfriend's.

Anonymous said...


i love your makeup station :(
i so wish my room was bigger or not filled with so much id looove one :( im so jelly.

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

Love the setup!!

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