Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend mini haul + New haircut

So I was super tired and frustrated of taking a long ass time trying to tame my hair so I finally decided to chop it off,,so here it is my new haircut!!! what do u think?? likey or no likey??
On friday I went to melrose and bought these three nyx lipliners...they are all very nice I couldnt decide which ones to get... $2 it!!

I also bought these two lovely purses {in my opinion} that were only $5 ..Im using the pink one right now..they are very spacious :D

Well that's all let me know what u'all think!!


Anonymous said...

your hair is a big likey :)
nice colour and

and them lip liners to die forrr!!

Yas said...

You look amazing with short hair...the cut and color are perfect. Is it easier to style now babe? Totally classy...and I love the pinky swatch. I love pink lippies! TY!

AnnaCampana said...

cooooooool! yaaay short hair!

Vanessa M. said...

me likey!!!
and awesome you found those lipliners.. theres liek 1 store where i found nYX and they are super over priced! lipliners were 10 buks!

Anonymous said...

woo check you out!!! looking hot!!

love the pink and the bags...

You are just too cute!!

Tammy said...

The short hair really suits you! So pretty!! Those purses are cute. =)

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

nice hair cut!

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