Tuesday, April 07, 2009

To splurge or not to splurge??

So I wanted to haul some stuff from UD since they are having 30% off sale..my b/f already gave me the "go ahead" but I feel so bad to buy something so expensive..I need some advice...

so the question is...

Should I splurge or just stop my temptation to spend, spend, spend??
These are the two items I want!!!
The VIP set

Deluxe Shadow Box



Rai said...

I rather splurge on stuff where I'm getting my money's worth.

I also thought about ordering from there, but I took advantage of Too Faced's recent sale... so no for me. lol

But spend if you want. =D
We all deserve to treat ourselves.

Katrina M said...

do it honey!! it'll be worth it and do take advantage of the sale!!!

But if u can't make ur mind up and missed the sale. you can go check this site out.


Neeyuh said...

I do think that the UD pencils are worth getting but it's cuz I love them! lol.

That site that Katrina suggested is awesome they have really good prices for lots of brands.

ladystarr said...

I say YES! If you got the $, why not? I love my deluxe shadow box, nice pigmented colors. I have not tried the liners, but I've read GREAT reviews on them.

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

you should get it! Especially because it is a sale! The pencils are ok to me but the palette is def. worth the money. It is highly pigmented and great colors for spring and summer! At least try and get one of them!

Vanessa M. said...

yes and yes lol

Arezu said...

I say go for it! Especially since it's 30%, it's better to get it now when it's on sale, then later when they're full price, the sale doesn't happen very often either.

I haven't tried the pencils, but I have the shadow box and I like it, I haven't done any looks with it but I should use it more often (:

And I also suggest to pick up UDPP!

Livia said...

Like the others, I say take advantage of that sale! Its better to buy them at a cheaper price now than think about it later when the sale's gone :)

I love the 24/7 eyeliners!

DSKNguyen said...


Tammy said...

YES!!!!!!!!! These pencils are awesome!!

Nikol210 said...

Girl I say go for it! I just bought the deluxe palette like two weeks ago and the colors are awesome! I don't regret buying it at all. Plus they give u a travel size UDPP! :)

Mel said...

You should DEF wait till they have another sale. They usually have one during summer sometime, thats when i stock up on UD. But if you can't wait then splurge coz i have all those things and they are soooooo AWESOME!!!

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