Thursday, April 02, 2009

New brushes & Mascara

So ladies today I went to Target to see what I could pick up, I felt like I deserved a treat since I worked so hard during the I guess what I found?????...I found the Sonia Kashuk highlighting brush that Ive been wanting for a while now :D I was so excited that I actually got two!! I'll use one for foundation and the other for blush :D so this is what I got:
2 Sonia Kashuk highlighting brushes
Studio Tools smudge brush
Sonia Kashuk large crease brush
L'oreal Voluminous mascara "305 black"
N.Y.C color wheel mosaic face powder "Rose Glow"

Need any furter info?? let me know and I'll be glad to answer your requests!!!


MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

I like the NYC color wheels. It's a little powdery and chalky but I still find it gives a good matte blush. I have it in peach glow and I haven't used it lately but I will now since I just got reminded that I love it!

Midwest Beauty said...

I love the Sonia Kashuk brushes! Also, the NYC Color Wheels can be kind of chalky, but with the right application they're beautiful. I have like 4 of them

Arezu said...

I love voluminous mascara!
It's like the only mascara I've repurchased. (:

Neeyuh said...

Ohh nice pickups!! Do those highlighting brushes work good for blush? Like as far as blending and stuff?

Yas said...

You got the best of the best Sofee! Great haul! I can't believe you guys that have found the skunk SK brush. I have been searching for months to no avail. Enjoy sweety! Voluminous is a definite fav! Your gorgeous lashes are going to thank you! ;) Hugs babes!

Neeyuh said...

RYC-For a drugstore brand I would suggest cetaphil daily facial moisturizer w/spf, have you tried it before? In the winter I get dry/oily skin and that worked out pretty well. A higher end brand that is my absolute fave is Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel I swear that stuff is my lifesaver! I can use it year round and it's like it adjusts for all the changes my skin goes through. Also Tammy (from Portrait of a Lady) raves about the Mark For Goodness Face and if I remember right she has the same skin type as you do. I haven't tried it yet but it's on my list! hehe. If you have any more questions tho, let me know. Hope that helped!! :)

Rai said...

Nice haul! I have that Studio Tools smudge brush, and it's awesome!

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