Monday, June 29, 2009


OMG Katrina M is such a sweetheart, I read her blog and asked her where they sold the "Cinema secrets brush cleaner" and she was really nice and actually sent me a sample along with other goodies :D she sent some facial masks which i need to try soon!!

also a cosmetic towel and a lovely note

oh I forgot to mention she also sent me a sample of the MAC brush cleaner, I actually tried the cinema secrets brush cleaner right away and i love it...the scent is awesome and it cleans my brushes so good and it dries super quick :D I will def be returning the love ans also send her some goodies.


lindah said...

aw she's a sweetheart :D

so are you suppose to use a brush cleaner to clean brushes or are you suppose to wash them? o_O?? *scratches head*

KRYSTAL said...

awwwww how sweeet! i really need to get me some of that mac brush cleanser too.

Tammy said...

Blogga girls are the sweetest!!!

Arezu said...

Aw, how nice of her (:

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