Friday, February 05, 2010

Excited about MAC Spring Colour Forecast!!

OMG  I am so excited about the Upcoming MAC colllection which is the Spring colour forecast..I want to get a total of 5 things...I called my local MAC store and they said the collection would be out till Feb 12..I cant wait...I wanted to get some stuff online but I prefer to swatch things before I spend my money on it so Im going to have to wait till it is out!!!

Here are the things I want to get:
  • Bubblegum
  • Laugh-alot
  • Electric Fushchia
  • Lavender Wind
Vibrant Grape Blush Ombre

So what are you girls getting?

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EmeraldC83 said...

I ordered my stuff online. I got the Blush Ombres in Azalea Bloom & Ripe Peach, and a few thing from the other recent collections. I have to paste myself because there are so many cute things coming out.

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