Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Video: Fave Nail Polishes

Here is a quick Vid on my fave N/P

I'll post pics and a list of everything tomorrow :D


Vanessa M. said...

ooo i love uptown! great pix!

lindah said...

I watched it :) I think you just loveeeee mauve-y stuff ^_^ have you stopped by mac and got stuff yet?!? I remember your post about keeping up with the collections now LOL! It's such a bad habit, don't get into it! I can't seem to stay out of the habit :(

LINEA. said...

i love mostly mauve colors too, lol im starting to bighten up my collection though, love all of your favorite, i really like that CG purple one!

Iyah said...

i love your blog!! :D It's just too cute! :D

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