Monday, December 21, 2009

Collective haul: Target, Cherryculture, Sally's & Ulta Beauty

Hey ladies so I'm here with a collective haul!! I have collected these stuff since the beginning of this month!! So let me show u what I got...

Let's get started so these are things I got from Target...
[pic taken with my old camera, I also forgot to take pics of the studio tools brushes]

Covergirl wetslicks in "Freedom of Peach"----I am seriously loving these lipglosses

H.i.P Duo in "Charisma"---been wanting this for a while

Covergirl Quad in "Cofee shop"----such pretty colors

Maybelline lipstick in "Born with it"---have been on the hunt for this one

Swatches of the lippies


"Coffee Shop"

this I got from Sally's

they have new bake eyeshadows..such pretty colors with no names :(

I got a silver/purple & a blue e/s

and a bronzer in "Toasted"

and then I received my cherryculture haul...I took advantage of the 20% off deal

this eyeshadow base..I kinda think it was a waste of money because it looks just like the concealer in a jar..I might have to play more with it

A luscious palette in "The perfect everyday colors"---these are sheer, but also buildable

OMG this palette that I have been wanting since these came out

swatches for this soon :D

LA COLORS palette in "lollipop"

& another in "Lush"

a cream blush in "Natural"

and these are the lip products I got


new round lippies in "Castle"

& "Heather"

the I went to Ulta Beauty & got more NYX suff and my first full size UDPP
OH the pencil case I bought @ Border Bookstore [using it as a makeup bag & lovin it]

I tried UDPP Thanx to my friend Annabell, she let me have a mini size from one of her UD palettes a long time ago

oh here are the swatches for The megashine l/g in "Natural" & the cream blush in "Natural"
So this is it Hope u like and if u have any questions let me know
BTW Im still editing my makeup collection pix so sorry if it's taking me too long to post..BTW I might do a video on it and if you girls like it I might do more let me know what u think :D
♥Thanx for Reading♥


rayqueenbee said...

Nice haul. Love the colors of the NYX St. Lucia palette

Vanilla said...

nice haul bby !
the nyx megashine natural looks so pretty !:)

Fifi said...

Your pictures came out really good!! :)
So you don't like the NYX eyeshadow base? I wanted to try it but I haven't read any reviews yet.

"Born with it" looks so pretty!!

Neeyuh said...

Great haul,so many goodies! I haven't been to Sally's in awhile, I really want that bronzer. I love NYX natural lg it's definitely one of my faves!

Rai said...

So now I'm putting that CG lippie on my list! lol
See looked what you did.. now I want to spend :(

BTW, I've been trying to take pictures of the NYX lippies but they ARE NOT COMING OUT GOOD!
I have no clue why that is. I'll see how it photographs on white paper I guess. :/

dustbunny said...

i want born with it so bad unfortunately our maybelline here doesnt carry it

Tammy said...

Great haul!! I think the eyeshadows from Sally's look really pretty..I'm going to try & pick some up soon. =)

Mz. More said...

Nice haul!!! I picked up the St. Lucia palette with my Cherry Culture haul as well, it's so pretty!

Jasmin said...

Awesome haul! Cute new goods.. Have an awesome Holiday!

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

Really nice haul.. I have none of the stuff posted.. & I want it all!! :D
Thanks for sharing! Have fun playing w/all of it!

lindah said...

I really like the freedom of peach! :) It looks really pretty, I may pick it up if I ever look at CG cosmetics! ^_^ I also have the coffee shop quad, it's so pigmented! I used to wear it everyday in high school haha :D and congrats for your first bottle of UDPP! <3

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