Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Top 10 Lippies!!

Hey ladies just a quick post to show you all my top ten fave lippies!!
 I saw this tag on YT..so I thought I should do mine!!Lol!!

In no particular order here they are :D

Wetnwild 502A -I bought this lipstick awhile back before I was "addicted" to makeup, it was my go-to lippie for quite a while
NYX Thalia- I bought this because it was so raved about and love it
Avon Plum Craze- I love plummy colors..plus its sheer
Rimmel Airy Fairy- very comparable to NYX Thalia
Rimmel Heavenly- this has got to be my my most fave..i love that it's a bright fun color..but not crazy bright

Revlon Pink Pout- def my go-to lippie..first lippie to ever buy a backup of :D
Revlon Sassy Mauve- again I love my plums/mauves
Revlon Paparazzi Pink- bright pink but sheer
Mac Lovelorn- such a pretty pink..def ♥
Maybelline Make Me Pink- my most fave from the color sensational line


I hope you all like my faves and get some tips on what lippies to buy next :D
BTW I was thinking of doing an updated makeup collection...should I?
Coming up My top 10 lipglosses :D
♥Thanx For Reading♥


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love all the shades, since I'm a big fan of cool toned colors. Now, I'm really tempted to check out the MAC Lovelorn on myself next time I pass the counter, hehe... ;)

Hairs to Beauty said...

love the colors of these lipstick

dont forget to put a disclaimer if you mention any brand name on your blog, or else they'll find you girl. that new FTC guideline started 12/1.

rayqueenbee said...

I like all the shades too. Nice.

cLaRa711 said...

Love your top 10 lippies! Revlon Pink Pout is one of my favorites as well. I Think you should totally do a makeup collection/STORAGE?


lindah said...

I love your lippies! They're all PINK and I love my pinks <3 I agree with clara, you should do a post about how you store them ^_^ I always wonder how other people store their makeup and right now I'm looking to reorganize my things lol :)

Nanzy said...

you & your pink obsession!!!! hahahaah love them, they all look pretty.

Rai said...

I still want Air Fairy! GOSH! I meant to go to Walgreens when they haf 50% Off on Rimmel! I'm so peeved I didn't. :(

Rai said...


GoldBeauty88 said...

Revlon pink pout looks gorjus!

ndoodles said...

I have a lippie from WnW that was one of my firsts too! But it was too frosty so not my go-to but still cheap and very moisturizing.

Fifi said...

i def NEED revlon pink pout. what a nice collection!!

Mets GirLL said...

I need that Paparazzi Pink by Revlon. It looks gorgeous! I would love, love, love to see your collection and definitely how you store it. I plan on investing in some cuter storage with some Christmas money.

Lyn said...

nice picks! I want to see your makeup collection!!!

Anonymous said...

I love pinks! Nice selection, though I'm surprised there's no nudes or reds! Lovelorn and Airy Fairy are my favourites =)

Neeyuh said...

I'm loving all of your picks! I added so many of them to my "to buy" list lol

Liz87 said...

Hi I know is a little too late but I'm a new follower !!! I would like to know what's the diference between maybelline make me pink and revlon pink put pleaseee they look almost the same I already have maybelline would you recommend get the revlon one too!! Thank you

Liz87 said...

Hi know you post this a while back but I'm a new follower :) would you tell me what's the diference between pink spout and make me pink they look the same to me I have the maybelline one already would you recommend buy the revlon one?? Thank you so much :@)

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