Sunday, December 13, 2009

Found some M!lani eyeshadows!!

Hey ladies so im here to show you some very pretty Milani eyeshadows I found!!

So I've heard lots of good things about these and seen them at walgreens a bunch of times so I finally decided to pick up some of the shades...I got the most vibrant colors of the bunch!!

two of them  were on clearence for $2.19 and the other one was @ reg price for $3.99

People claim they are dupes for:
Milani Atlantis = MAC Electric eel
Milani Shock = MAC Star n Rockets/Nocturnelle
Milani Garden Mist = MAC Juxt

Well thats all for now!!!
Stay tuned for mini weekend haul & Updated Makeup collection!!
♥Thanx for Reading♥


Gaby said...

I'm not sure Milani Cosmetics are available here in Quebec. I saw those for the first time when I went to Wildwoods. They sure look pigmented (=

GirlAboutTown said...

omigosh those are so pretty and they are so they stay on? did you notice you got powerpuff girl colors? hehehe

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

they look beautiful.. I got a Milani eyeshadow, and it just wasn't worth the $4 I spent on it.. so I haven't tried any since but that was a LONG time ago, lol -- let me know how they turn out, once you are wearing 'em!

Neeyuh said...

These look really pretty! I don't have anything from milani cuz a long time ago I bought some shadows and they were so powdery and kept falling apart but maybe they're better now lol. Shock also reminds me of MAC's pink pearl pigment.

lindah said...

I don't have a great milani selection at my walgreens/cvs.. it actually really sucks and is always empty! haha :)

Vanessa M. said...

love em!! cherry culture has them too!

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