Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walgreens and haul!

so ladies.... today i went to walgreens and bought a couple of things, I saw this brand i hadn't heard of before called "tropez" so i decided to give it a try..I also read about them in seventeen magazine, they recommended it so i gave it a try, i bought two cream e/s palettes..very pretty colors...and they have a mirror on the it!! and i also bought a double sided blending brush... these three things were on total was like 5 love a sale!!! and this is my haul from i received it yesterday...I bought mostly nyx stuff..and also some kissywear single e/s which I also loved.[way better than i expected]..I used the kissywear e/s today and i loved them..y'all shpuld try them out, they are only a dollar! So yeah this is my haul for friday and saturday..if u have any questions on the stuff i got let me know and ill answer as soon as i can..Take Care :D


makemeup said...

thanks for visiting my blog! Nice haul you have there!

Tammy said...

Nice haul..what colors are those NYX junbo pencils..?

Kimberly Tia said...

awww sofeeeeahhhh -- hope you feel better girl - glad the justin video can make u laugh and brighten your day!!

Crayonmonkee said...

are u kidding me i love your haul!! i love nyx too. thanks so much for visiting my blog :)
you have so much freaking make up i love it!

makeupw. gevie said...

I love the NYX jumbo pencils! I can't wear eyeshadow without them. Those eyeshadows are only a dollar?! I'll buy them all haha.

PiNKSUGARR said...

How do you like the NYX blush?

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