Thursday, November 13, 2008

Concealer problems

Can anyone recommend a good concealer...all the concealers I have don't do the job for me...preferably something i can buy at the drugstore..Thanks..all recommendations will be greatly appreciated :D


Kristine said...

i hate to break this girl but investing in concealer is a must! :) Go get yourself a mineral powder from bare minerals or if you like a little more affordable, go ahead and order some stuff at everyday minerals. Mineral make ups are so yummy to the skin without looking so cakey and trying. U get what I mean? Once I get the eyeko concealer I'll definitely let you know about it.. ok? For now, try minerals first. IT MUST BE YOUR SHADE.. not lighter nor darker. (lol)

Tammy said...

I really can't think of a good undereye concealer that you can find at a drug store...sorry.. =(
The best one I've found so far is by Bobbi Brown and even that isn't as great as I thought it would's kind of sticky..I've heard great things about the MAC concealers though.

chelistax3 said...

i have to have loreal true match concealer. it matches skintone and is great for lightening under eye circles. it's the only concealer i use. i believe the price is somewhere around $7

Erica said...

I always tend to stick more with a non-drugstore concealer, they are low quality and don't cover up anything even when you think they are. I agree Tammy and Kristine, invest in good concealer, I love Prescriptives Camo concealer..I also like MAC's concealer, which I think you already have, lol

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